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Comment Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

Jesse Jackson Sr. did this exact thing... When asked, he called Steve Jobs 'peoples people' and glorified him in the moment. Obviously, only because he's dead and Jackson will do anything to capitalize on anything. Before the death, his son spoke in front of congress about how terrible Steve/Apple is for American jobs and society in general.

Comment Re:Pure Arrogance (Score 1) 495

I think this is a ridiculous path for the argument to take. I've inherited hundreds of programs, and a majority of them were shitty in my opinion. I did what I had to do, figured them out and maintained them, or made a case to re-engineer them. I never categorically stated that these people should be fired, or that their heads are in their asses. Your whole post is so generic, slanderous and whiny, it doesn't even make sense.

What is this nonsense about the world smelling like shit? I don't get it... I am an extremely positive and helpful person. My StackOverflow profile contains less than 5 questions and over 600 answers.

Comment Re:Pure Arrogance (Score 1) 495

Like I said, I think it's a very subjective thing. I had to jump in and help fix an issue for someone who was a major 'best-practice' junkie (he was on vacation)... His process was built using wonderful design patterns and everything was made generic and abstract to an extreme level. I thought he was great until this, because it was one of the most tedious things I've ever done, debugging his shit line by line. I get the impression if you had seen it you'd think it was great code, which is what I expected of it to.

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