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Comment Re:Here's hoping... (Score 1) 115

No it's not - they're not on your side.. when will people learn this? Corporations only care about profit - not your rights. This is just really manipulative PR - your rights were taken away but you're suppose to feel a sense of victory that the constitution will hold up in this particular circumstance. I have no doubt that limited disclosure will be allowed - but it just gets you use to the idea of illegal mass surveillance.
They are turning up the heat and although you may get use to it - you're slowly boiling.

What you need is a class action lawsuit. If more people supported the EFF it would be a start.. If everyone just shut up with all the talking and put their money where their fucking mouth is - but the truth is that people are shit scared; stagnant; ... brain-dead - most people.

Comment Surveilance (Score 1) 214

Google Glass = voluntary surveillance.

Step 1. Record every facet of your life and take pictures.
Step 2. Backup precious videos of your cat, and snaps of your neighbour taking our her garbage, to the cloud.
Step 3. Meta data is extracted, date/time, GPS.
Step 4. Facial recognition is added to make it easier to tag your photos.
Step 5. Implicitly give access to your data to the NSA / GCHQ and allow them to unconstitutionally build a massive profile on you - including meta data / GPS / names of tagged faces.
Step 6. ???
Step 7. Profit!
Step 6.

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