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Comment Nobel's Wife? (Score 1) 229

LOL Computing generally comes under Mathematics and the way I heard it, Nobel's wife ran off with a mathematician and that's why there's no Nobel prize for Mathematics and they get a Fields Medal instead. ..probably bollocks of course, but hey.

Comment Re:Shows how badly China owns us (Score 1) 181

Our government and corporations stood idly by while USA infiltrated our military, government and corporate networks, commited blatant acts of corporate espionage, placed unfair regulations on foreign companies operations within their country, pulled blatant protectionist laws to stifle competition and threw trade embargos left and right.

But nothing was done because USA was the largest emerging economy on the planet and no one could afford to pass up a piece of that pie.

There...fixed that for you.

Comment Job hunting (Score 1) 834

would you rather try and find a job now? or in two years when the market may have bounced back a bit and you're better qualified (and could have some part-time experience on the side).

Comment Re:Been there, done that. (Score 2) 202

Hell, I can use my Nokia 6234 to get net access via bluetooth. Tho I can't speak for the speed or quality, I only did it to see if I could and then disconnected - I can't afford 1992 data rates anymore.

I suppose there might be some sort of emergency where I might use it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Comment Re:Backfeed (Score 1) 201

As an ex-high school maths teacher I can say that your book is (probably - I only read pars of it) almost entirely useless because the level of the language used is well above than of the intended recipient - assuming you intend for the students to read this book and not just their teacher(who generally already knows what they're teaching). Sentences like "Multiplecation can also be done by modular arithmetic"... WTF?

OTOH assuming your language level is correct and these students are not the intended recipient, then your level of detail and reasoning is off. eg, negative numbers are not just the answer to "what's smaller than zero?" (zero itself is at least a book's worth of problems), but like many of math's number types, originated in previously insoluble equations - in this case equations of the form x-y=? when y>x.

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