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Comment How I fixed this for my wife: (Score 1) 191

The update left my wife's laptop with limited netwrok access: she was connected to the network, but had no internet connectivity. The following lines, typed in an admin prompt, fixed it:

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

Comment Re:The screen buffer? Really? (Score 1) 170

From the actual paper: "Game Settings: The game’s state was represented by
a 120 × 45 3-channel RGB image, health points and the
current tick number (within the episode). Additionally, a kind
of memory was implemented by making the agent use 4 last
states as the neural network’s input. The nonvisual inputs
(health, ammo) were fed directly to the first fully-connected
So yes, they gave it two integers from the internal workings of the game, solely because the player gets those values from the visuals, but they are using such a lo-res version of the visuals that the program can't get that info from it. Seriously, the AI is getting it's information from the screenbuffer, albeit a very very lo-res screenbuffer (because each pixel is an input to a neural net, they don't want to overload the network with too many inputs).

Comment Re:No no no. (Score 2) 275

The reason real guitarists prefer tubes is because of the distortion.

This is not entirely true. The dynamic known as "pick attack" is also something which solid state amplifier and DSP cannot reproduce with any level of accuracy.


Interesting, but Kemper disagrees with you. Their amps even have a "pick attack" knob.

Solid state just doesn't compare.

Solid state does many things well, but it has its own niche.


Well these days they do compare. Humans can't distinguish between an amp modeled on (for example) a Kemper modeling amp and the tube amp it modeled. A few years ago it was not the case, but DSP always wins in the end.


I call bullshit on your bullshit :)
Just watch the following video, where two experienced guitarists do a blind test:

Comment Re:Not anymore! (Score 1) 337

In the mid 80's I got free dial-up internet by asking the local university for a "research account". I was nether staff nor student there, but they gave me one anyway, because they figured anyone who knew enough to ask for one was the sort of person who could put one to good use. Used that account for years.

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