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Comment Dilbert (Score 1) 203

Why read the rest when you can laugh with the best? Seriously experts are wrong most of the time, just take a look at what they wrote a while ago. There are plenty of books on the subject of experts like:Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us - and How to Know When NOT to trust them. In economics the "experts" usually are those who had a lucky streak. Yes there are experts out there in mathematics, physics and other things who know specific stuff but they usually do not write about it in blogs, they publish peer reviewed articles.

Comment There is a book: Talent is Overrated (Score 1) 529

I recommend it. No I do not think that 20 years of hard work will make me into a new Beethoven. However hard work and very good training are what is needed to produce success. Here is an example of how it works: her father as an experiment got her and her sister to the chess world. Nearly every sports super star you read about works much harder then his peers. Ditto for most people who succeed in research and hi tech. We should be promoting hard work and stop deluding our selves that we can pick winners because they where a little better in the beginning, which is what I think talent is.

Comment Like Music, News and other dinosaurs. (Score 3, Interesting) 148

It is about time the universities go the way of the book, music, news, encyclopedia and information industries in which the Internet has brought down prices significantly. There is no justification to the huge amounts of money the universities charge for the education they provide and for the learning materials. This course is a live demonstration of how it can be done for pennies. The only thing that should cost more then a few dollars is final testing of a course which can be done for about $50.00 per course. Beyond that if remote testing is used it will be very hard for any one to get a whole degree by cheating on the total amount of courses needed to graduate. A few random tests on key subjects where you have to be present physically are more then enough to put an end to any shenanigans. The only reason it has not happened yet is psychological, people (those who study and those who hire) being conservative by nature want a degree from "a well known establishment". (Yes some courses need labs and cadavers but they are a small minority)

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