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Comment How to get this message across? (Score 5, Interesting) 325

At age 64, this article is timely for me. There are sites I would really like to read (example but can not because they have fallen into the thrall of toney grey fonts as have so many others. In my example, I hardly think the people are bad people, but aren't they interested in getting their message out?

So I looked around on that site for a link like "Feedback" or "Contact Us", but without any luck. Perhaps it was in the same grey font.

Anyhow, I did find a "Jobs" link so I applied for a position of my own invention called "Web Usability Analyst, Part Time" and I explained my great interest in the position.

Haven't heard back.

Comment Is CCTV the right term? (Score 1) 64

From the article, it seems like the exploited cameras are IP-addressable/reachable. That does not sound like Closed Circuit TV as I think of it, with non-ethernet coax-and-like connected cameras connected to a monitoring station in a true closed circuit. I am no expert, but should we be talking about an exploit of "IP-enabled security cameras" or something like that instead?

Comment Re:No question. The shipping container. (Score 1) 330

+1. I didn't see your post and posted below in part to point people to the excellent book _The Box_ by Marc Levinson. I have no connection to the book or author, but was impressed with how interesting his history and analysis were when covering an subject that *might* seem mundane. Hardly.

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