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Submission + - Mozilla Offers More Money To Open Source Projects (

Gerv writes: Last year, Mozilla started a fund to provide financial support to open source projects they use or rely on, to the tune of $1M. Now, they've extended the program with another $1.25M, and any open source project can apply — as long as what it's doing furthers the Mozilla mission, in the eyes of the awards committee. Deadline for the first round of applications is May 31st.

Comment Re:Choice of words? (Score 1) 86

"What I don't understand (and maybe because I haven't looked too hard) is what "Old POS terminals" have to do with Mozilla."

The certificates they are using chain up to publicly-trusted roots, and so are covered by Mozilla's policies. In 20-year hindsight, that was a bad idea, but it was a decision taken a long time ago.

Comment Re: Chrome (Score 1) 97

The code for the DRM module Firefox uses is not part of the Firefox build system, but is downloaded at runtime. This can be done whether it's a Firefox built by Mozilla or not. So the DRM question has no bearing on whether you can call your version Firefox or not.

This series of blog posts: explains why Mozilla doesn't let just anyone call their modified version "Firefox".


Comment Re: Haha. (Score 1) 97

The bug is unfixed for philosophical reasons, not because it's hard to fix. The Bugzilla developers feel history should be immutable.

And there has been no rewrite into another language since that bug was filed; Bugzilla as released by Mozilla has always been in Perl.


Comment Re:Important Points; But Not a "Community Lead" (Score 3, Interesting) 334

We do care about bug reports, and we try and appear we care about bug reports - both by saying that we care, and trying to handle them. But Tyler is suggesting that our failure to handle all of them means that it might appear that our actions speak louder than our words.

If you want to help the two match up, do get involved with Mozilla :-) We could always use more help. Triage is how I got involved, over 10 years ago.

Comment Important Points; But Not a "Community Lead" (Score 5, Interesting) 334

Mozilla has no such position as "Community Lead". Tyler was/is (he is still engaged in constructive discussion) a valued volunteer member of the Mozilla QA and triage community, but he does not have the title "Community Lead".

There are several things which Mozilla's new more rapid release process has made a bit rocky, as Johnathan Nightingale, the Firefox development manager, noted in a recent blog post (syndicated at the Future of Firefox blog). This is one of them.

And, of course, when Tyler says we have told bug reporters we don't care about their bug reports, that's not actually true. He is suggesting that this is what it might seem like. And clearly, it's not great when a bug report is filed and just sits there for months. Mozilla's success has made this a perennial problem for the last decade. We've cracked it, to a degree, before and I'm sure we can do it again.

Submission + - Should The MPL 2 be GPL-Compatible? (

Gerv writes: The Mozilla Public License is currently being updated from version 1.1 to version 2. MPL 1.1 is not compatible with (any version of) the GPL without multiple licensing. I am trying to find out what projects currently using the MPL 1.1 think about whether MPL 2 should be automatically GPL-compatible or not, so hackers can use their code in GPLed projects.

If your project uses the MPL or a derivative, read my blog post, have a chat about it on your mailing list and let me know. I'm also making a list of projects using the MPL and a list of GPLed projects using MPLed libraries — do add your project if you fall into one of those categories!

(Note: this survey is just a survey — it's not official or binding on the MPL 2 drafting team.)

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