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Comment Re:At the risk of blaming the victim... (Score 1) 311

It is not as black and white as you are implying. There is always a risk vs. reward decision that needs to be made. I choose to use credit cards online, because the risk is low (especially knowing that the credit card companies will make me whole should bad stuff happen). I choose not to upload items that I don't want the world to see. This is because there is no one to make it better, if the worst should happen. You are saying that if you use a credit card online, then you should just store all of your personal secrets, information, evidence online also. That's just dumb, the risk is not the same.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter anymore. (Score 1) 477

Keep fighting the good fight. But even if Blu-Ray goes away, you can always have quality. Just go watch the good movies like Man of Steel and Frozen at the theater. Since cost and convenience have no bearing on your decision, I assume you would be willing to spend every night in the theater. It's much better quality than you get at home and you also don't have to be around many of those "don't give a shit about quality" Wal-Mart shoppers who are home watching Tetris.

Comment Re:The wills of the many outclassed by the few. (Score 2) 317

The place where they inflict damage is not the place where the person responsible for them is.

The difference with drones is that there is no way to figure out where the person is that "pulled the trigger". With spears, arrows, guns, etc. you could see the person. With missiles, you could at least find the launch points using satellite imagery, radio, etc. With drones you have no idea where the responsible party might be. They could be on a boat, in some random country, or their mom's basement.

Comment Re:What an incoherent wall of fucking text (Score 1) 179

Go fuck off, slashdot.

If 14 lines of text without a paragraph break is incoherent to someone, then I would imagine that someone hasn't picked up a novel of any size recently. It's less than half a page, it has appropriate punctuation, and the sentence structures are fine. Just relax and read.

Comment Re:It's typical oversubscription of a service (Score 1) 179

Standard corporate greed.

It's not standard corporate greed, so much as standard consumer cheapness. It would be quite expensive to reserve bandwidth for every individual cell phone. Think about a T1 Internet circuit, 1.5 mbps, but always available for $500-$1000/month. Normal people are too cheap to commit to that kind of monthly payment for cell or internet service. In fact, most people are happy they can be oversubscribed 10+ to 1 to save cost.

Comment Re:Better answer (Score 1) 572

Did you know that kids have to use a computer for school now? Would a slate and chalk be good enough for your kids? Also, some kids get to play games that teach them math, grammar, etc. on the computer, FFS. Have you ever rode your bike for more than an hour or played with a ball for more than an hour? Did you get tired? Sometimes kids need down time, FFS. Is AC allowed? My kids play outside, get hot, and want to come in and "vegetate" and cool off. I'd love it if they spent every minute inside reading, creating art, making music (things I'm sure your kids have mastered), but I don't have a problem with 30 minutes or so of screen time. God I am a douche/idiot. I can't believe I ever figured out the reproduction thing. You need to keep putting parents like me in their place.

Comment Re:They should kickstart an appliance (Score 1) 150

Um, so that you don't have to have software written on your VoIP phone, your smart phone, your iPad, your TV media streamer, your Linux, Mac, Windows computers, your Chrome Pixel, etc. Is that enough, or should I wait for all of these to take advantage of this. Do you have any idea how many businesses would jump at a simple way to upgrade their internet without installing something on every device in the building?

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