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Comment Re:As a resident of Worcester... (Score 1) 232

Sorry to double post, but they also discussed opening a call center in Worcester to provide local employment and 'sweeten the deal'. But they wouldn't give any numbers or guarantee that they would keep it open for any length of time, so they could theoretically hire 10 people and close the office a year later.

Comment As a resident of Worcester... (Score 2) 232

This is actually a factor in my decision to move elsewhere. I've been super happy with Charter, our current ISP, and everyone here is dreading Comcast moving in. My girlfriend was at the meeting when they voted. I guess there were representatives from Comcast, and they were total jerks. They kept giving smug, noncommittal answers, basically getting across the point that they were there as a formality, but the vote wouldn't change anything. They refused to make any binding agreements, shiftily saying they were 'working on' improving customer service. Not a good start to their relationship with our city.

Comment Re:PETA won't be happy until all animals are extin (Score 1) 367

This part of PETA's doctrine is particularly amusing. It displays such a rudimentary view of how nature works. If all domesticated animals were to just die off over a few generations, think about the ramifications up and down the food chain. Domestication has been around for so long that it's an integral part of our ecosystem - an ecosystem that is precariously balanced and would be quite disrupted by such a sudden and dramatic change.

Comment Hello PETA my old friend (Score 5, Insightful) 367

I hope that everyone gets a good chuckle out of this story and then moves on. Just like the Westboro Baptist Church, PETA keeps pulling stunts designed to incense rational people and get free advertising (I know that the point of WBC is litigation rather than advertising, but I still see parallels). Remember how PETA protested the game "Super Meat Boy" with a "Super Tofu Boy" parody? Don't fall for the trap - keep your emotions in check - smile & keep scrolling.

Comment Re: I went (Score 1) 200

I'm not disagreeing with you. But things get dropped without people realizing it, stuff gets blown by the wind, thrown by a toddler, etc. There's going to be stuff left over when you have a few hundred thousand people march a few miles no matter how careful people are. Arguing otherwise is pretty futile. And it would have been nice for people to clean up afterwards, but like I said, there was no chance to.

Comment Re:I went (Score 2) 200

I won't deny that that was a big issue, and sad to see. I don't want to sound like I'm defending people who would litter (and pollute, whatever you mean by that) at an environmental rally. But I can give you an idea of why it happened. Four times the expected people showed up, and trash cans along the route were overwhelmed quickly. Some people brought bags for trash, but those filled up too - and businesses along the route resisted letting people dispose of trash in their bins. The march stretched for LONGER than the route, and people were dispersed from the route before the back of the march reached the end of the route. It's hard to clean up while you're marching, and people were kicked from the route suddenly and without warning by the police. There was no time to clean up afterwards, unlike at a stationary rally like you mention.

Comment Re:I went (Score 2) 200

Sorry, haven't finished my coffee yet. We CAN challenge them on the money part by choosing where we spend our money wisely. Always good advice, but that's also something that needs to be organized to have a real impact. One of the nice things about the march was that hundreds of organizations worked together to organize it, forming bridges between groups that will hopefully hold and assist further actions like boycotts.

Comment I went (Score 5, Insightful) 200

Something about this march has inspired a lot of ire across the internet, so before the negativity rolls in let me share my experience. I was hesitant to attend the march on Sunday, because I feel like protests like these are accomplishing less and less as time moves on. I was worried that people would feel they had 'done their duty' by showing up, and gone back to their day-to-day without changing anything. I've also constantly been cynical about the global warming movement, believing that we've done too much harm to reverse, that nothing we can do can slow the inexorable and extinction-level rise of global temperatures. After arguing about it with my girlfriend, I came to a few important conclusions. First, cynicism is laziness in disguise. The problem was too big, too scary, too complex, for me to tackle, but at this point is impossible to deny. How can I acknowledge the problem without allowing any responsibility to fall to myself? Cynicism and negativity (which I've seen comment board after comment board filled with regarding this subject). Another conclusion I came to was that our generation is going to be held accountable for any damage that climate change caused. We knew the danger, yet we allowed it to happen. I want to be able to tell the next generation, 'I tried.' I want to be able to show them pictures of the march and say, 'We were not filled with apathy, we fought, we tried.' Plenty of people who recognize the issue of climate change have been deriding the march based on the presence of socialists, 'dirty hippies,' punks, gays, etc. Yeah, there were some whackos there. I saw some people with signs about chem trails, 9/11 truthers, religious nuts. When you have 400,000 people in one place, you're not going to agree with all of them. But I also talked to doctors, scientists, politicians, students, teachers. And I work at a bank. Did we accomplish anything? Perhaps very little. But I could see the people there were galvanized by the event, their batteries were recharged, and they were full of hope. It generated discussion today. There are a lot of corporations throwing a lot of money around to prevent legislation regarding climate change. We can't challenge them on the money front, so numbers is one of the only tools we have left. If we can get enough people on our side, perhaps we can change the political climate (harr harr) through elections. I'd rather try, than sit at home and do nothing, and have to answer to future generations about my apathy.

Comment I've had to deal with this. (Score 5, Informative) 338

Having to share an IP address with tons of people is absolutely, 100% a crippling experience. There are plenty of sites (newspapers, the site I get textures from, RapidShare, etc.) who limit their services by IP address. There's nothing quite like seeing messages about how your IP has exceeded the download limit on a website you've never visited before. Also: having to deal with bans when playing online games, as many are IP-based. The impossibility of hosting your own servers for games or other purposes. BitTorrent is nigh unusable. I would not pay a dime for this kind of a service, ever again.

Comment Re:Dreamspark etc. (Score 1) 435

It's generally just 'enter a serial number' for off-the-shelf versions as well. Microsoft will run all the checks in the background, and as long as everything goes smoothly you won't notice a thing. The problem is, the system they use for validating serials is a convoluted mess that quite often fails at some point during activation. It can also revoke your activation if you swap out a bunch of hardware at once, to name just one example.

Comment Re:Not that unique (Score 4, Interesting) 509

This is unique insofar as they released their own cracked version, whereas I believe Earthbound and Serious Sam would detect modified launchers and activate their DRM. One of the Batman games (Arkham asylum, I think) did the same thing, it messed up your batarang so you couldn't complete certain parts. People posted about the issue, thinking it was a bug, on the official forums and then got publicly shamed by a moderator who exposed the fact the 'bug' was related to pirating the game. I don't like DRM but at least they're being creative! But with Game Dev Sim, you could argue it's not DRM.

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