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Comment Re:Market forces at work... (Score 1) 679

That's true.

Haven't Monsanto's patent claims hinged, at least partly, on the fact that their wheat has larger yields and thus give greater profits to the farmer?

If a farmer is unable to sell his wheat crops, or if the price of his crop was damaged due to encroachment of GMO DNA into his crop, I wonder if he would be able to "strike first" at Monsanto, claiming damage due to Monsanto's negligent release of the strain!

Again, I'm sure someone['s lawyers] will make millions...

Comment Ridiculous - at least in Medical IT (Score 1) 381

"'What happens if you buy a device for an employee and they leave the job a month later? How are you going to settle up? "

This is ridiculous. If the company buys a device for the employee, the employee is obligated to return it at the end of their employment. Period. Any other answer is simply a manager/administrator that doesn't want to pay for the hardware OR for the resources necessary to manage the hardware. I work in the Medical IT field, and BYOD is a very hot topic these days. My answer is always this: employee-owned devices should have NO access to the internal corporate network.

Just as employee-owned computers/laptops/etc shouldn't be allowed on the network, neither should employee-owned mobile devices. They're just too big a vector for incoming threats.

Comment I'm confused... (Score 3, Insightful) 471

Since just about everything uses USB cables these days, anyhow, why is anyone bothering with designing chargers targeted towards a specific device or family of devices? Just put a USB A receptacle on there, and call it done! Let the licensing be taken care of by those who make cables.

Oh, and one thing I'm NOT confused about is Apple's strategy....screw you, Apple. I'm sick of paying for products that you need to have an apple computer to program for... for an OS that only runs on your hardware, despite having the ability to run just about anywhere ... for products that don't have user-serviceable batteries...and for your stupid, non-compliant connectors. I bought my last apple product 5 years ago, and I haven't looked back.

Comment Re:Too Optimistic (Score 1) 134

So the same systems that verify if a potato chip is bad couldn't do a quick visual inspection of each pill, make sure it's the right shape, size, color, and has the correct markings?

Seems like there are already industrial systems in place that can handle this - no need to do so much as reinvent the technology!

Comment Re:Too Optimistic (Score 2) 134

Not true!

While human error like you describe above certainly exists, these systems can also catch drug allergy interactions, drug-to-drug interactions, and even food-drug interactions. Along with the already-existing systems in most pharmacies, these systems provide another layer of protection for patients. They also provide doctors with real-time best-cost analyses, allowing them to prescribe the most effective, least expensive drugs based on a patient's particular drug coverage. This may help to lower the overall price of healthcare and insurance coverage.

Protection from the errors you describe isn't technologically insurmountable, either. Robotic systems that are linked to the prescription and automatically fill prescriptions eliminate the pharmacy errors, and EMRs that provide diagnosis/drug checking are likely right around the corner. Doctors don't like the latter much, however, because they are perceived as taking too much of the medical process out of their hands.

Comment Even more effective... (Score 1) 134

Disclaimer: I work in the field, but am NOT associated with any particular vendor.

Even more effective than stand-alone eRx systems are Electronic Medical Record systems with integrated eprescribing. The ability to better track & manage patients' problems longitudinally provides for much better care and better outcomes.

I recognize that there are, however, some fairly major privacy concerns....many of which still exist at the ePrescribing level. Let's face it, if a system knows what you're taking, it doesn't take huge logical leaps to deduce your underlying conditions.

Comment Re:Disagree with your interpretation (Score 1) 554

The fact that 3 million people are in jail (1% of our population!) is a testament to many things, but us standing up for ourselves isn't one of them. It's a testament to a drug policy gone wrong, to government laws & regulations that can make ANYONE a criminal, to victim-less crimes being prosecuted at increasing rates...

But if you truly do trust the government over your neighbors, then I pity you. We need to stand together with our neighbors. Instead, we let the distinction between D and R (or L, like me!) foster our mistrust and hatred of one another.

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