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Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 642

What's to say it isn't a last ditch effort?
The race is dying and this is our last ditch effort. We've realized if we don't do something the human race will become extinct.
Our last, somewhat selfless chance, is to send out the mother ships with our building blocks on board.
It's the only way to keep our legacy alive.

Although if I was us (Wait what..), I'd also send all the information we have gathered. Maybe in the form of a mind image that could be deployed to the new inhabitants.
Giving them all the knowledge of our species.

Comment Re:Dr. Who (Score 1) 310

Erm, when it comes to something as global as computing systems, segregation will never work.
You need compatibility, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.
This basically means one OS was always going to come out dominant.
What about if it was Apple's OS? Would we be decades behind when it comes to hardware design?

There's a lot of what ifs and maybes in what you say, no, spew.

Comment Re:Are you freaking kidding me? (Score 1) 921

As soon as I left school I stopped writing. My cursive was/is horrid and i've always been ashamed of it, so the jump to a keyboard was much appreciated. My teachers pushed me to write neater but I held the pen differently and couldn't get used to the other technique they tried to teach. And all this happened at 12 years old when I had already been writing for 6 years with no one questioning how I hold a pen. People will judge you on your handwriting, but you're all equal when a keyboard is involved. If I ever have to write anything on a note, it usually takes me 2 or 3 goes until I get to the "That will do" moment where i'm just fed up.

Comment Re:90% success (Score 0) 178

Haha, you complain about the British "Getting their asses handed to them" in 1944 when warfare was still in its infancy, and include the gem that if it wasn't for the US we would be . Yet, the great USA invaded Iraq (Twice) and gets their asses handed to them both times. Yet claims victory for both. Then there's Vietnam. No you're right. The US is a true master of warfare and we should be happy to have your troops behind us (Most likely shooting us in the back). Seriously, without us in WW2 there wouldn't have been a WW2 and the Nazi's would have taken the whole of europe. No one was doing shit until our little island nation decided enough was enough. You ignorance astounds me.

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