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Comment Re:They're build for this (Score 1) 284

Having dated a gamer girl and now a "normal" girl, I have to say it both have it ups and downs.

The gamer girl did play more than me and often I would end up getting bored far faster then her with a game. And we newer really got anywhere, because she/we had to raid something lame in a game.. But it was cool that she would drag my ass out of game just to play.

Now dating a "normal" girl we do get out in "real life" much more. But sometimes I just miss that I can sit down and have a good evening of gaming with her.

Comment Re:Obama (Score 1) 713

wrong, I think that the entire situation is being negotiated like a bunch of 4 year olds. I have a HUGE idea of what heartless selfishness is. But when brought into a situation, you can choose to escalate the situation by responding like an animal, or responding with a compassionate alternative that someone might just positively respond to.

In this situation, we have one person acting like an ass, then we get someone that just galvanizes the situation to the extremes.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 793

Uh, no. The idiots who flew the planes were nutjobs, but bin Laden had a very specific political goal in mind: he wanted US troops out of Saudi Arabia. Pre-9/11, there were US troops in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden launches an attack on US soil, we invade Iraq and then remove our troops from Saudi Arabia.

Folks rarely throw their lives away for abstract concepts like "hating our freedoms." bin Laden wanted the US out of SA, most of the hijackers were from SA, and they all got what they wanted. And 10 or 20 years from now when we are attacked by terrorists from Iraq, they won't be here because they hate our freedoms.

Comment Amiga was the best. (Score 1) 385

I used too love the amiga. And still do too some degree. And still use some of the tools and games it had too offer.

If you want too try how the amiga was( or try again) I suggest you try the amiga emulator at:
http://www.winuae.net/ [winuae.net]
It pretty much emulate the amiga perfectly.
If you don't have a old amiga it might be hard to find the ROM's needed too get it too run, but they are out there.

If you really want too see what the amiga was capable of try:
http://aiab.emuunlim.com/ [emuunlim.com] (amiga in a box) which enhance the workbench in ways you newer thought was possible.

This forum is most likely the best place too find anything amiga legacy:
http://eab.abime.net/ [abime.net]
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Journal Journal: DAOC, SWG, DIABLO and mmorpg in general..

I have played mmorpg since 1997. I started with diablo 1. While it can't really be called a mmorpg it was my first mmorpg where I meet alot of people. I got really really hocked on it and got alot of friends. But I also got a huge phone bill.. Since there was no broadband of anykind in my area it was over a 33.6 (later 56.6) modem. I had been online at a 9600 baud modem. But that was very little and I connected to fidonet...and dont really matter..

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