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Comment Re:WTF is "deplaned"? (Score 1) 266

Sorry, nope. "Deplane" is intransitive as used here. You can dethrone a king, but a king doesn't dethrone.

You get out of a car. You get off of a train or a boat, or a hot air balloon. What's wrong with those? Or should we now start expecting "decar" or "detrain"? "Dehotairballoon"?

Comment Re:WTF is "deplaned"? (Score 1) 266

Oh, I'm quite familiar with this particularly gruesome neologism, and I'm most certainly not the only one that has a problem with it., as I have just learned. But maybe you should check your own grasp of the English language before looking stuff up in the dictionary to lecture others.

Comment WTF is "deplaned"? (Score 0) 266

Let's see, to delouse is to remove lice from hair. To decapitate is to remove the head (latin: capit). To defoliate is to remove leaves (latin: follium). But to "deplane" is to get off of a plane. Did we derun of sayoids in the English speakism? Or are the previous sayoids de-languaged by some thinly-neurated jargon multiman?

Comment Technophobic bureaucrats (Score 5, Interesting) 224

One of the main problems here is that people are given these technologies without understanding them completely. When I was working in the US, I made a big fuss once at my workplace about sending sensitive documents in unencrypted emails and was treated like I was hysterical and unreasonable. I managed to coerce the morons in charge to do this, but the incident was turned into a laughing matter from that point on. It's hard to convince drawer-minded bureaucrats to change their behavior when there aren't any regulations, created by other drawer-minded bureaucrats, that specify how it is that they should actually behave. I mean, god forbid, they might need to resort to independent thinking and resolution.

Comment Re:Can the writings be read? (Score 1) 431

If you can formulate an objective measure for "sloppy thinking" and/or "depth of thought", I will apply with you for a grant from the NSF to do the study, and then write the paper together. One thing though - you will have to convince me that there's a chance you can convince them to cough up the cash. Until then, I'm going with feeling here.

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