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Submission + - Edge Can Give Microsoft The Edge On Phones (

GeneralSecretary writes: Microsoft has pushed out its now Edge browser to replace the much-reviled Internet Explorer. Edge removed a lot of the legacy code of IE and the need to maintain backwards compatibility with it. It is a much more modern browser, implementing much more of HTML 5, ES6, and CSS 3 specs. Microsoft also intends to push out automatic updates frequently. Considering the large install base of Windows, this gives Microsoft a much stronger ability to influence the Web. This article discusses the idea of Microsoft using that influence to make Web Apps take over from Native Apps on mobile, this giving Windows Phone a fighting chance against iOS and Android.

Comment We're closer (Score 1) 161

It depends. The hybrid frameworks have moved closer to native, and web itself has moved closer to native too. Google has now released push notifications for the web as well as Service Workers that add in offline support. A web site/web application can now do a lot of what apps were needed for previously. The hybrid platforms you mentioned are great (I love Ionic!), but the performance isn't 100% there yet. But, if you are not making a game, the performance is probably good enough. In general: If you need a device specific feature (TouchID, HealthKit, etc.) you have to go native. If you need really high performance, you need to go native. Otherwise, you can go with a hybrid solution. And soon, for many things, you'll be better off with pure web, if Service Workers and related tech takes off.

Comment Verification (Score 4, Insightful) 69

It seems to me that the problem with online education is being able to prove what you have learned. I can learn Calculus online at Khan Academy or at my local community college. I'll probably learn Calculus better at Khan Academy and for less money. But, I cannot use that knowledge to get a degree nor would I have any other way of proving my knowledge to other schools or potential employers. Do you have a solution to this problem?

Comment Platform For Schools (Score 2) 69

I've heard that KhanAcademy has a platform for schools. Students can learn using Khan Academy and teachers can monitor their progress and help students where they need it most. When I last heard about this the platform was a pilot program being launched at select schools. Are there plans to make this platform generally available? or even open source?

Submission + - Anonymous Helps Find Evidence in Gang Rape Case (

jfruh writes: "Evidence of a gang rape committed by members of an Ohio high school football team, including video, was, in the way of digital native teenagers today, put online on various social media sites — and was quickly taken down as students began realizing the magnitude of the situation. The hactivist group Anonymous has been able to find archived and cached versions of the damning content, which may help prosecutors make their case."

Comment A Gateway Degree (Score 2) 368

I have an Excelsior bachelors degree. It was inexpensive and the credits were cobbled together from all over the place. The main value I got from the degree was that I was able to use it to enter Graduate School. While I learnt a lot of stuff in the course of getting my BS in Liberal Studies, the knowledge I use for my job I got from my Grad School education. It seems to me that this country has a liberal arts based education. To get a bachelors degree you have to take a lot of courses in stuff like languages and social sciences that I was not interested in. I understand that the colleges want students to have a broad educational base, but I feel that that is a decision best left up to the students to decide what they want to learn. I think we should have a more a la carte education system with a vocational focus. We should give more power to the students to let them choose what they want to learn while still giving employers a good idea of the skills that come with a given degree. In essence I used my Excelsior degree to bypass the part of education I didn't like and to focus on the parts I did like. I am grateful to them.

Comment 2 Solutions (Score 1) 567

The country must maintain its population and ideally grow. There are many reasons. The economy relies on a growing consumer base and a growing labor pool. The influence the US has on the world is somewhat proportional to its population, so we need a large population to exert our influence on the world. Militarily we need a large population to use to defend ourselves. Also, a decreasing population is an aging population which becomes more and more difficult to care for when there are not enough young people. We are nowhere near overpopulation. Most of the country's land is empty. Food is relatively cheap and can be famed on less land than ever before. 1) Make it more affordable to have children: Increase tax deductions. Subsidize day care. Pay 100% for paternity/maternity leave immediately after birth (some states have a waiting period). 2) Increase immigration. Allow anyone from any country to immigrate to the US as long as they are healthy, not criminals or terrorists and are capable of working and supporting themselves until they have a job. There should be no quotas. Waiting periods should be minimized. A man should be able to walk into any US consulate in the world and be in the US 90 days later after we have verified he meets all those criteria.

Comment Immigration Is Good (Score 5, Interesting) 795

If they weren't working in the US they would be doing the same work for US companies overseas. Visas allow the workers to work here where they also contribute more to the US economy as well as US society. They might also start companies and create jobs. True, wages may fall in the short-term, but having a larger educated and working population will help us in the long run.

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