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Comment Re:Bad summary: the airline, not the government (Score 1) 624

You've fallen for their con. Don't blame yourself, most other people have too. Obama isn't about change, Obama is the candidate the Democratic Party had been grooming for years to appeal to rubes like you. Just look, he's from Chicago, one of the most corrupt places in the US. Never worked a real job in his life—he's always been a part of the political establishment. If you don't pay attention, real attention, to what's happening in the world and just rely on the narratives that The Big Six media conglomerates feed you (whether it's Fox's slurry of jingoist, hawktastic nonsense, or MSNBC's insufferable, Orwellian Progressive drivel) you're going to continue getting screwed.

Unfortunately this TEAM RED vs TEAM BLUE shit is at the core of the problem. If you keep voting for the establishment (and Obama is establishment like no other), you're going to continue getting more of the same. If you want change you have to pick somebody outside of that establishment. Whether that's someone like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or Dennis Kucinich it has to be somebody who doesn't represent the political class. The political class that's been slowly taking over America for the past 50 years.

Comment Re:why aren't they using the new TI OMAP3530 @720M (Score 1) 423

Because the OMAP35x series is a catalog part sold to hobby projects and the like. It's not intended for use by handset manyfacturers and is missing some of the features they need (it's also a larger package than the OMAP34x which leaves less room for your other parts). You'd be better asking why they're not using the OMAP36x (45nm version of the OMAP34x). Coming to you from an N900, by the way, which is almost certain to kick this thing's ass. ;)

Comment Re:I wonder about this (Score 1) 182


What can be done under Qt that can't be done under GTK? Is Qt more efficient in some way? What are advantages of Qt over GTK? I've never been clear on the differences... I just know they are different.

Simple, Nokia is trying to build an ecosystem that will allow developers to deploy their software across several different platforms using only one toolkit (Qt). Since Qt will be available on both Maemo and S60.

Comment Re:Look no further than the Nvidia Tegra (Score 1) 390

The Tegra is an odd one to pick if you want to talk about cool things happening in ARM development considering it A. Hasn't shipped unit 1 and B. Is actually behind the other high-performance ARM SoCs on the market like TI's OMAP3 line, Qualcomm's Snapdragon and Freescale's i.MX5 series.

If we want to talk about cool, unreleased things, though, TI's OMAP36x and OMAP4 SoCs blow the Tegra clear out of the water.


Submission + - TI Unveils OMAP4 (linuxdevices.com)

GeneralAntilles writes: "Quoting from LinuxDevices, "TI (Texas Instruments) plans to begin sampling its next-generation mobile applications processors in the second half of the year, it announced. OMAP4 chips will feature dual, SMP-capable ARMv7-based cores, along with C64x DSPs, multi-format hardware accelerators, a "programmable" graphics engine, and an "image signal processor" (ISP).""

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