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Comment Re: "Magic" nonsense is still nonsense (Score 1) 63

I am not certain how to calculate the net performance benefit of the entire device, but if the core CPU/GPU on a die can perform 100x faster or more efficiently, certainly we could expect much better battery life and or other benefits that would be worthwhile. The equivalent conversation for the Overclockers out there is that more cooling allows for faster speeds... Why? Because of the resistance of the substrate and the faster the clock the more energy waste. If you have a lower resistance substrate, that would be pretty darn handy. Of course if your bridge/interconnect subsystems can't keep up, some parts of the performance improvement will be limited eventually, but you still might enjoy significant battery gain. Sadly who knows if this will ever make production.

Comment Re: This is were we should be going (Score 1) 130

Who knows, maybe that is exactly how life got started here on Earth the first time. We didn't get human DNA, we got building blocks that by design evolved into Human Beings. Paradoxically, I have it on good authority that they did make a mistake and that mice were supposed to be the dominant species. :)

Comment Re: Climate change may not be at fault (Score 1) 289

Lol - I'll cite the article if anyone is actually interested, but I enjoy the fact that you know what I want.

I knew what you meant because it's been brought up by other deniers and shot down repeatedly here already.

Well, once again we establish a proof point that as much as we want to believe certain things does not make them to be true. I was not making any assertions as to whether climate change was or wasn't real, so no need to get your warmist knickers in a twist, I was merely pointing out that there are other factors potentially involved and not all the world's ills are due to climate change.If that upsets you, then I would recommend focusing your attention on deterministic and binary logic problems, not poorly understood complex ones. For the record, here is one link to many articles that discuss the issue, with at least one estimate that suggests that groundwater usage has 3x the impact of icewater melt on global sea levels: Nonetheless, this case still very much to do with human activity, so interesting that you should have an issue with it, when it nominally supports your overall narrative. But if I must provide something to get your teeth into, here is a good article to get your heart racing if you are looking for certainty and consensus regarding ice in the antarctic: Enjoy!

Comment Climate change may not be at fault (Score 1) 289

Regardless of beliefs of climate change, a recent report on the Antartic ice suggested a more likely culprit to rising sea levels than ice melting is actually ground water. I.e. Humans numbering in their billions sucking water out of the ground aka California, where it mostky ends up at sea. I am pretty sure we are not ready to limit the population of earth, so I am guessing sooner or later we are going to have to adjust to a changing earth whether we like it or not.

Comment Re: Accuracy (Score 1) 861

A lot of anonymous cowards on this thread. To go back to 1947 would be interesting, but oh wait, none of the Arabs signed that treaty, just declared war on the Jews and swore to "drive them into the sea". to this day, exactly how many neighboring nations are not technically at "war" with Israel? One, Egypt, bought with American money. what is still part of the founding charter of Fatah, Hamas, etc? the total annihilation of Israel. But don't let the facts get in your way.

Comment Re:Headline should say... (Score 1) 786

I'd be very interested in an actual proposal from those that believe we should reduce our CO2 emissions as a planet to accomplish that fact. Last time I did the math, probably about a year ago, *all* of the proposals combined from any International body or proposal that I saw barely slowed the rate of growth of CO2 in the atmosphere. In other words, the CO2 would still be rising at an "alarming rate". So my conclusion is that AGW policies are merely designed to make some people "feel better" and are otherwise a merely a geoplitical campaign to punish the industrialized nations in favor of the poorer nations of the world. Aka some form of planet wide Socialism. To actually *reduce* the CO2 in the atmosphere is going to come from one of two places, a) shutting down the entire industrial complex, stop use of *all* fossil fuels and cut the population in half, or b) science will solve this with a variety of technologies that sci-fi fans will coorelate to terra-forming. So to the proponents of AGW, I state that the conclusions and policies that our governments on a global basis have very little or nothing to do with solving the problem.

Comment Courier Expiration Policy? (Score 1) 240

Akin to Password expiration policies, seems like the weakness in Osama's Sneakernet was an overlong cached crednetial (aka courier) that was finally compromised. Would he have had better or worse security if he would have rotated couriers every 90 days with multi-factor authentication (knocks, speech, etc.). Having an old courier (like an old password), seemed a flaw.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 636

There are a lot of math and engineering lessons that can be solved quickly with good coding skills, but one of the things I noticed in implementing a 3DES encryption algorithm back in college was that I had no understanding of the underlying math, but could copy and paste the mysterious black box matrix table into some C code fairly easily. So if the theory applies, one oculd improve coding skills but not necessarily actual learn the subject at hand...

Comment Re:TFA is all and good... but (Score 1) 247

And so out of the ashes of one distribution model is born another distribution model. It seems we can't live with the idea of the content creators making the money, there has to be some forced middle-man. Only this time, the ISP/Network and Cloud are fighting it out with somehow less rights for the consumer (since I won't actually own any games, music or anything tangible that the ditribution model can't cut off). (thought I'd actually log in this time....)

Google Caffeine Drops MapReduce, Adds "Colossus" 65

An anonymous reader writes "With its new Caffeine search indexing system, Google has moved away from its MapReduce distributed number crunching platform in favor of a setup that mirrors database programming. The index is stored in Google's BigTable distributed database, and Caffeine allows for incremental changes to the database itself. The system also uses an update to the Google File System codenamed 'Colossus.'"

Indian Police Using Facebook to Catch Scofflaw Drivers 130

New Delhi police have a new weapon in the battle against bad drivers, Facebook. Two months ago the police created a Facebook page that allowed people to inform on others breaking traffic laws, and upload pictures of the violations. The page has more than 17,000 fans, and 3,000 pictures currently. From the article: "The online rap sheet was impressive. There are photos of people on motorcycles without helmets, cars stopped in crosswalks, drivers on cellphones, drivers in the middle of illegal turns and improperly parked vehicles. Using the pictures, the Delhi Traffic Police have issued 665 tickets, using the license plate numbers shown in the photos to track vehicle owners, said the city’s joint commissioner of traffic, Satyendra Garg."

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 709

I would broaden your definition of the problem with the US. The same things happen from all political walks of life... left, right, liberal, conservative, religious, atheist. There is very little factual discovery and open debate on issues, but much of the "sound bytes" from a very biased sources to satisfy and $ell airtime from their selected audiences. Nothing particularly unique about Fox News' approach here; check out your equivalent from Maddow or Huffington Post for counterpoint.

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