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Comment Tesla Discontinuing Model S With 60 KWh Battery (Score 1) 53

This is standard procedure in the computer industry and has been since forever. I've driven Teslas for four years and I describe the car as a computer with wheels as peripherals. I'm convinced that this is the future of the auto industry so this will become standard practice. It's just much simpler from the software point of view to have a single code base.

Comment Model X Unreliability (Score 2, Interesting) 144

Yet CR reports customer satisfaction at 92%. The Model S (I'm a Model S owner) scores the highest customer satisfaction of any car. My Model S is so unreliable that I completely forgot to take it in for the recommended annual inspection. I've got an inspection booked for next week because I discovered I was out of windshield wiper fluid, the only user serviceable item, since I hadn't taken the car into the service center in eighteen months. Yep...a lemon--no doubt about it.

Comment Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 1) 533

Protective relaying looks towards the load end of the line. In case of problems, like a drag-line running into the power line, the relays trip the breaker between the source (generator) and the fault (drag-line.) Linemen can then safely effect necessary repairs on the isolate, dead power line. If the line is being backed by lots of solar systems that don't get tripped off, the linemen get electrocuted.

Comment Not a bug (Score 1) 424

This is NOT a bug and Tesla hasn't promised to "fix" it. Tesla has promised to minimize the amount of power drawn down by the onboard electronics and battery maintenance gear. Initially, the battery would lose nearly ten miles of range per day of sitting idle. Now it's down to three or four miles. At least that's what my Model S is experiencing. The car will continue to manage the onboard systems using this amount of power until the charge level drops below some minimum level at which point it will go into a hibernation mode.

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