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Comment Re:Working suspended from King Kong Attraction (Score 1) 1127

Because I had no idea what I was getting into, had never been up there before (had been through the attraction on the ground), and the guy who took me up there basically dropped me off and said "ok, next time the cab comes around, jump on the top, there's an outlet for you to use"

So I had to make do with what I had. I was long done with the work before he came back, so I had to ride up there around and around, which was not only annoying, but scary.

Comment Working suspended from King Kong Attraction (Score 1) 1127

Having to work on top of the Universal Studios Florida King Kong attraction tram car while moving around the track with guests in the cab below. It is way up in the air, a flat cement surface far below. As it goes around the track, it shakes violently as Kong grabs the car etc. (it's essentially a simulator ride suspended from above), and it's covered in leaking hydraulic fluid, making it very slippery on the catwalk. There are no rails. I had one electrical outlet up there, which I could either use for the power of my laptop, or a small AC light I brought, but not both.

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