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Comment Re:Full Audio or it didn't happen... (Score 4, Informative) 413

In 2003, Republicans controlled the house and the senate, I cannot find evidence for your claim that Democrats blocked regulatory legislation which would have prevented the US housing crash. In fact, given the disdain Republicans have for any form of governmental regulation, I find your claim doubtful

Comment Re:Anthropogenic Global Warming (Score 2) 370

The data we have from ice cores goes back at least 250,000 years (, what you're talking about is satellite mapping of the sea ice extent. For the record, the ice in Greenland is at least 110,000 year old (, so, uh.... go peddle your FUD somewhere else coward.

Comment Re:What truly makes me sad however... (Score 2) 407

You mean clouds?, the effect you're referring to is highly dependent on the size of the water droplets. So high levels of water vapour do not necessarily entail high levels of solar reflectance but it does directly entail a positive feedback effect on global temperatures. If you've got references to back-up your assertions, by all means, provide them. But I suspect that anyone using the phrase "Global Warming Alarmists" whilst arguing a point related to climate science has little actual interest in the Science.

Submission + - Editor resigns over Spencer climate article (

Gearoid_Murphy writes: The editor of a science journal has resigned after admitting that a recent paper casting doubt on man-made climate change should not have been published. The paper became a cause celebre in "sceptical" circles through its claim that mainstream climate models inflated temperature projections. In his resignation letter he writes: "The problem is that comparable studies published by other authors have already been refuted..., a fact which was ignored by Spencer and Braswell in their paper and, unfortunately, not picked up by the reviewers."

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 158

That's exactly what I was thinking, unless AOL is doing something ' amazing ', it's very much likely that the requirements of their DB infrastructure are similar to that of everyone else. The way everyone else solves these problems is through a marraige of well-designed infrastructure and reactive software systems, asfaik. That said, it still sounds uber cool and the ultimate DB toy/tool.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 446

It is perverse, no doubt about that, but there is a logic to it, everything is about knowledge, complex interlinked systems like the global economy are constantly changing and as a result so is the information we have about it. Any trader with the ability to take this raw data and convert it into knowledge about the future value of a stock can make money. It's not simply taking money from someone, it's exploiting the fact that they haven't recognised the true value of the stock. That's the theory anyway.

The real insanity starts when you try to nail down the true value of a stock based on responses to millisecond changes in the markets. No human could ever function like this, so algorithms are encoded with our flawed theories of how to recognise the "true value" of a stock. Assuming the markets behave (or, in more recent terms, consistently increase in value), it's all good, but as soon as the markets start to behave irrationally, these algorithms go apeshit, exacerbated by the fact that there's thousands of these systems all following their own crazy formula, in real time, with real money, now that is perverse.

Comment insect sex is not fun (Score 3, Interesting) 107

insect sex is notoriously violent, insects do not use sex as a bonding mechanism so there's no pleasure, in the sense we know, associated with it. Many different species have developed various strategies to work around this, such as scrapers on the end of the males penis to remove rivals sperm. I kid you not, god help me, I'm after a bottle of wine and can't be bothered finding the link.

Comment Re:Spend more than 10 minutes? (Score 4, Informative) 497

add the ip address and/or hostname of all the hosts you use to access your servers into /etc/hosts.allow. If denyhosts picks up 3 failed logins from a single ip address, that address is added to /etc/hosts.deny, if this happens to be your machine (and you're having a bad day entering your password), you could get locked out of your system.

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