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Comment Re:France is Quasi-Socialist (Score 3, Interesting) 401

That would Grand Frère. And it is not seen as something good.

In France, there is less distrust in (and more reliance upon) the government. Yes. But there is less reliance upon (and more distrust in) private corporations.

That sounds communist for the average troll, but you should keep in mind some basic things.

In the French vision, the government is made by the people, for the people, and takes its decision in the better interest of the people.

When a government fails, it is disposed, violently if needs be (everyone have heard, at least, of the French Revolution ?). We're actually in our 5th republic, and the topic of a 6th one comes regularly.

But, in the French vision of how things are, a private corporation is made by people who don't give a fuck about other people, wildlife, public health, employment rate, or anything; except the money they earn.

Because earning money is the definition and meaning of life of a private corporation, not ethics, civil rights, or any other things like that.

People in the US is suspicious of big government databases. People in France is suspicious about big corporate databases. And, actually, I havn't heard of things like the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté) who watch and prevents privacy abuses from government and pricate organizations alike.

Reading Slashdot, I often get the feeling that people from the US sees governments as a necessary evil, trying to oppress and spy upon the citizens, whereas pricate corporations are utopian-minded selfless organizations promoting freedom, civil rights, respect for life, human rights, and environment.

Although it would be naive to say I believe in the reverse, I sure trust less corporations than government. At least, the government is legitimized in its position by the constitution, and has clear duties it needs to respect.

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