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Comment You can choose (Score 0) 177

Much like radio stations that now have censorship, no one is forcing anyone to use google, if you do not like them, change your service.

If you are so afraid that some data may get out there, don't use it.. Roll your own servers, and provide your own stuff. Anything and everything that google does is optional to use. There are plenty of other video sites, they may not have as much as youtube, but they are out there.

The amount of money needed to keep a company like google going is huge. Hell just the other day 8 million people watched live a video online in HD for almost 3 hours. Name another site on the net that could do that kind of traffic? Gmail has almost 500 million users.

Google provides a great product, and they are unifying everything across the board, I for one love all the unification. Why fragment everything?

If google burns me, somehow, then I can go switch to other services, run a maemo phone, start developing my own stuff and there you go.

Both microsoft and apple also have similar privacy policies, so if you are going with the big 3, and have privacy concerns then you will be missing out on what is going on in the world today.

Comment Re:Charge Apple Users More then (Score 1) 272

Part of the issue is apple charges so much more for their hardware, but sells it at the same price as the android OEM pricepoint. The carrier data costing more is just pure greed from the carries, the subsidizing of hardware is a apple being greedy issue.

Apple probably does what they do with everything else, which is, if you want to sell to our customers, then you the (carrier, developer, book publisher) whomever are going to take the hit, and like it, you cannot sell our product higher than your competitor, even if they aren't asking for their cut. Ex a app on the ios market cannot cost more than android, even though apple is taking more of the developers cut. The same thing happens with the phone. Apple is charging the carrier lets say 400-600 bucks for the phone, where samsung, htc, motorola, or whomever is charging them 100-300 (using rough numbers), but the carrier is selling them both at $199 or $299, so the carrier is covering a larger part of apple's chunk and not passing the difference off to the consumers, then raising everyone's price to pay for apple's bank account padding, then tells the carrier, if you want our phone, it can't be priced more than the phone that you are buying for 1/2 the price, or we won't sell to you, hence the bullying.

Comment Charge Apple Users More then (Score 3, Insightful) 272

If this is actually true, and carriers are not just being greedy then charge apple users more, don't sell a phone at $199, sell it at $399. That way apple makes their money and the carrier doesn't take the hit. Please stop asking android users to do not want a iphone to subsidize apple purchases. If they don't sell as well at $399 then apple can always come down on their price, but that is their hit, not the carriers, or the users. Done. That's call capitalism.

If Samsung can make a phone and sell it to a carrier at $300 bucks, and apple charges $600 for their phone, then charge the user the difference. Don't raise upgrade fees or data plans, since your markup is the same. Now if apple is trying to strong arm you into charging their user charging the same, while they still reap their profits, then tell them to go pound sand, and if apple lost lets say Verizon & at&t as carriers, then that will hurt them, and they will drop the price. Stop letting apple be a bully.

Comment Is this it? (Score 1) 639

Should the box come with instructions on how to cut tape? If you need that, then maybe the nexus 7 is to much tablet for you to handle. Or instructions that say if you are a apple user, please call one of your android friends over and they will show you how to use a knife. -- This article makes this to be true..

Google made a great product if all apple users have to bitch about is the box being taped.

Comment Re:And the other reason is... (Score 5, Informative) 397

You do know that android phones have their own gps in the units, google maps has offline pre-caching mode, and there are other offline maps that can be used. I have used google maps while navigating a lake where there was no cell signal, and it worked just fine.

Comment Microsoft can't support large amounts of data. (Score 1) 137

I am dealing with a issue where I have a user that has a pretty large email box on live mail, and it chokes when it tries to download via outlook connector... But yet gmail w/ imap just rocks right along. I have a feeling that their office 365 will be the same. There is just something about lots of traffic, and data storage that Microsoft has issues handling.

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