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Comment Seems to be a common occurance (Score 1) 73

I've had this happen, although not at the 40% like they claim. Mine frequently happened around 20%, and over time increasingly around 30%. By that time I swapped it out with Apple for a replacement due to that issue, plus two other unrelated defects. A friend had this happening to him too, he got a free replacement phone from Apple. To me, that suggests Apple is aware of the issue. It's a unfortunate bug to have. If you don't have a charging cord/device near by, and are stranded on a deserted road with a phone which has the power, but doesn't think it has the power, you could be SOL.

Comment Re:not the least bit surprised (Score 4, Informative) 117

I was on their site last weekend, looking for a new BIOS and drivers. Their support web server was completely down. I called up to complain, and their tech support told me that they are aware of it, and have been having problems with it for a couple weeks now as they are changing their infrastructure. A couple weeks!!! Even their tech support couldn't access it, or even tell me what the BIOS version number was. This compromise is probably a result of an incorrectly configured server, which is a result of incompetent admins. All this results in them losing me as a customer. Good riddance Asus.

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