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Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 251

You really can't most places. If you're dealing with a shopkeeper who owns the shop and pay him enough extra to be worth the trouble of exchanging, maybe (offering $10 for a purchase worth $5 isn't going to cut it though, he's not going through the hassle for $5). If you're dealing with a cashier who has no decision making power, like you are 99% of the time, then the cashier simply cannot accept your foreign money. Nor can a bus driver. Nor can a vending machine.

Comment Holocaust denial (Score 1) 404

I see this as similar to laws against holocaust denial, which incidentally is also illegal in France. This ISIS fan was actively demonstrating sympathy for ISIS terrorism (his defense is laughable, the password and wallpaper and behavior changes aren't mere curiosity), just as holocaust deniers are typically taken to be demonstrating sympathy for Nazi terrorism. I don't approve of either law as restrictions on freedom of thought and speech, but I don't think this is a slippery slope, because it's nothing fundamentally new.

Comment Re:Economic barriers (Score 1) 77

To put that in perspective the GDP of Iraq is $156Billion in 2016 dollars and Iraq has the 56th largest economy in the world. Making a rotating version of the ISS would undoubtedly be even more expensive with current technology.

To put that perspective in perspective, the Iraq war cost $1.7 trillion -- an order of magnitude more than the ISS, so probably enough to try a lot of interesting designs.

Comment Re:Long range space probes? (Score 2) 154

For an interstellar probe, where the journey could take thousands of years, this would be the only power source capable of maintaining any instruments throughout the whole flight. Of course upon reaching the destination it'd have to activate some different sort of non-degrading higher-power source to send a sufficiently-strong radio signal back to Earth.

Comment Re: Change the law (Score 4, Insightful) 1424

She flat out stated she intended to nominate political activists and get cases heard for the express purpose of over turning past rulings. The court is supposed to be an arbitrator between Congress and the President, not an arm of the President.

Roe v. Wade is a past ruling affecting the lives of millions of Americans in very dramatic ways, far more so than any other ruling, you know. Clinton wasn't the one promising to overturn it.

Comment Re:"Historic thaw"? (Score 2) 275

President Clinton removed Gitmo's landmines due to international pressure, but Castro kept his in place (they're still there as far as I know).

Seriously? It's easy for the world's biggest military that knows they won't be attacked to remove mines from another country. It's absurd that you would even dare to claim it's "hostility" for a small island nation to decline to lower its defenses against a superpower that has a large military force on Cuban land and has already tried to invade and has also made countless assassination attempts and tried to fund insurrections and done everything imaginably possible to harass you for 60 years... after basically owning and abusing your people for decades before that?

Comment Re:A bit of honesty.. (Score 4, Informative) 143

Unfortunately it's very sustainable if we sustain military funding levels as we have for so long. They practically have to burn money to continue using their budgets and allowing congresspeople to look tough and patriotic by voting yet another increase to a national military budget that's already a third of the entire world's military budget.

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