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Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 686

Voting libertarian moves the republicans a bit toward libertarian ideals in the next election cycle to try to recapture those votes. Voting green moves the democrats a bit toward green ideals. Whereas voting for the "lesser evil" in a state whose electoral college votes are predetermined does nothing (ask Al Gore how much winning the national popular vote matters). A bit is greater than nothing.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 3, Interesting) 686

A lot of people (not myself, I'm voting Stein) may have mainstream political views which are much better represented by the major parties than by any of the half dozen or so minor parties likely to be on their ballot, but still dislike the individual candidates of the major parties.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 106

Tech evangelists make horrible TV writers. Obviously 99% of the crews of Star Trek ships could've been automated away, but who wants to watch a TV series about machines? Bad flashlights set mood better. Watching people swap data crystals looks better and clearer and less boring than watching someone send a file over wifi. Etc.

Comment Re:a surprisingly free life in a surprisingly fasc (Score 3) 52

Snowden has personally criticiszed oppressive Russian surveillance laws and never claimed that the life of the general populace if freer in Russia than the USA. His life is what's relatively free in Russia, because of his special circumstances, and that's all he's talking about.

Comment Re:sure glad they don't have nukes (Score 1) 140

Many Chinese social media comments made about the recent atoll dispute with the Philippines are shockingly jingoistic, calling for war to seize land and defend China's "honor".

I'd be shocked if their internet commenters weren't saying that. You don't have to read far on American news sites to find commenters who want to nuke the middle east or the like.

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