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Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 4, Insightful) 247

Those parts of the emails are valid to report on. Stuff like a staffer thinking Lessig is smug is not valid to report on. It's like the diplomatic cable leaks a few years ago -- a few of them were important revelations in the public interest, and most of them were unimportant gossipy personal stuff that unnecessarily strained all sorts of international relationships. Good reporters report on the part that matters, bad reporters just try to find something salacious to poke a bee hive.

Comment Re:There is still a way to get science out of this (Score 4, Informative) 108

Well, you've lost all your internet points. Hopefully that teaches you to stop making things up without googling. The landing area is the same as Opportunity's landing area, and Opportunity even attempted to image the landing:

Comment Re:Yes, seriously (Score 1) 617

Riiiiggght. The media has never mentioned anything about Clinton's email server. It surely has not received a gazillion hours of news coverage everywhere, the liberal media wouldn't dare. They're quite happy to cash in on the controversy of her actual failings, they just don't always bother reporting complete fabrications.

Comment Re:Trump is fine with gay marriage... (Score 0) 617

Clinton is a candidate who says a lot of things I don't like to hear, and some that I do, and will probably do a fairly harmless mix of both that will leave us not much worse off in 4 years. She's consistently careful and calculating, not the sort who would take on huge risky projects. Basically, she's a conservative in a much truer sense than Trump who wants to implement drastic changes fast.

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