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Comment Re:Star Trek was never SJW (Score 1) 164

He's pissed as hell and comes very close to asking Worf to resign, despite it being a completely legal killing under Klingon law and being done "off the clock", not in Worf's official capacities.

Exactly like any modern "SJW". Find me one SJW who wouldn't be pissed as hell at say a Pakistani neighbor committing an "honor killing" of his sister. We support muslim rights and cultural differences, but never the right to murder in the name of culture.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 1) 408

High speed rail will tie these two great regions even closer together, compensate for our overcrowded highways and airports, and benefit the entire state.

It will not, because it's simply not competitive with airports and highways. Flights are significantly cheaper than the proposed costs of HSR tickets, and highways have the big advantages of being able to take more stuff / split costs with passengers / actually get to a destination that isn't on a public transit route (and of course HSR won't be much faster than driving either once you have to do 3 transfers through local bus routes and then walk a mile).

Rail is best for commuters, but the number of people who commute from SF to LA is approximately 0, so at best that'll add new commuters rather than taking the load off anything else.

Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 3, Insightful) 408

I don't mind mass transit that can't pay its own way (in fact, I'd fully subsidize free public use of city bus / light rail systems to encourage their use and lower emissions). The main reason I voted against high speed rail is that it doesn't actually solve a problem -- it's not more attractive to the customers than air travel or car travel, the ticket prices aren't projected to be cheaper, the trains won't arrive sooner than planes, and by the time it's built it'll be extremely antiquated already (it's not even a true fast HSR project by today's standards, let alone 2040s standards).

If the hyperloop had been on the ballot instead, I would've had to consider it much more strongly. It would be a very risky project also, but at least it would be innovation and it would potentially provide something new that would solve real problems.

Comment Re:wat (Score 2) 397

It's safe to assume that the only reason to narrow it to only female and not male emacs virgins is in order to tell the overwhelmingly-male emacs evangelicals that spreading emacs is as good as sex. It's a stupid joke. RMS was no doubt generalizing to appeal to the most common group of his audience in that moment (heterosexual men), which isn't a big deal, although I understand and respect the right of other groups to be irritated by it (particularly women who are being appropriated as a reward for the crude joke).

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