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Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 95

Tech evangelists make horrible TV writers. Obviously 99% of the crews of Star Trek ships could've been automated away, but who wants to watch a TV series about machines? Bad flashlights set mood better. Watching people swap data crystals looks better and clearer and less boring than watching someone send a file over wifi. Etc.

Comment Re:a surprisingly free life in a surprisingly fasc (Score 3) 51

Snowden has personally criticiszed oppressive Russian surveillance laws and never claimed that the life of the general populace if freer in Russia than the USA. His life is what's relatively free in Russia, because of his special circumstances, and that's all he's talking about.

Comment Re:sure glad they don't have nukes (Score 1) 140

Many Chinese social media comments made about the recent atoll dispute with the Philippines are shockingly jingoistic, calling for war to seize land and defend China's "honor".

I'd be shocked if their internet commenters weren't saying that. You don't have to read far on American news sites to find commenters who want to nuke the middle east or the like.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1134

Prove that we won't be attacked by any opportunist with armed forces if we disband ours.

That's easily proved by looking at all the other much less-armed countries in much less-secure geographical positions that aren't invaded -- or by looking at American history when the country was less powerful. The USA is just completely un-occupyable because of geography, even if we pissed off Mexico and Canada at once. If you thought Afghanistan was hard to subdue, try occupying a nation the size and population of the USA. The best you can possibly hope for is a Pearl Harbor style attack or a few nuisance suicide landings on the coasts.

Comment Re:Candidate Who Won't Win a Single Precinct (Score 1) 175

Tweeting against the NC bathroom bill is blatantly taking a position, and she "swept that under discrimination" because it is discrimination and that's the point. There is no way to be clearer than that, and it's quite amusing that someone could seriously believe that she or other feminists are against transgender bathroom choice. Are you really so incapable of believing that women don't have an issue with transwomen that you have to invent this tortured fantasy that they suffer the same paranoia as you?

Comment Re:Candidate Who Won't Win a Single Precinct (Score 1) 175

If 5% of the country votes Green, they get federal funding in the next election. Perhaps they'd use that money to push their advocacy for ranked choice and proportional representation.

There's no perfect system, though. Proportional representation gives you party-controlled lists and takes away the power of local people to directly decide who represents their community.

Comment Re:If Any Country Needed a Coup... (Score 1) 153

Kurds are an ethnic group, not a sect. Most of them are Sunni.

The AKP lost their majority in the election last June... but that just resulted in a hung parliament and a new election where the people voted for the AKP by a wide margin because they decided stability was more important.

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