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Comment Re:If you want to be taken seriously (Score 2) 109

Not once has my Ubuntu installation ever displayed the animal nickname. In fact, I'm running 16.04 and I don't even know what the nickname for it is.

Also, MacOS uses animal nicknames more prominently and confusingly and both MacOS and Windows have confusing version numbering (OS X makes it look like there's only been minor revisions for decades, and Windows has no clue how to count and changes the whole scheme repeatedly).

Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 1) 400

The Dems won the toss, and got cover for this enriching of donors.

This enriching of donors is a real of when the dems voted to take money away from the donors a few years ago. It's completely irrational to pretend that they don't want a rule that they both voted into effect and voted against repealing.

There are very substantial differences between the parties, regardless of how many horrible things they agree on. It has really never been so obvious how substantial the differences are, and they've directly affected many of us.

Comment Re: People are taking the jobs (Score 3, Insightful) 474

The problem is not companies like Fiverr. The problem is the culture that celebrates it and refuses to acknowledge that the growth of such companies is a symptom of a serious problem (people unable to find reliable income/benefits who have to settle for developing world working conditions), not a positive development. The fact that Americans celebrate and applaud people working underpaid gigs with no private time means American society is fundamentally sick with twisted values.

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