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Submission + - Better than charity collection boxes: Charity Arcades arrive in Sweden (

dotarray writes: Two Swedish airports have taken an interesting approach to helping travelers dispose of unwanted foreign coins. Rather than simply leaving donation boxes, visitors at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport can now play classic arcade games, regardless of which currency they hold.

Comment Saw Last Apollo Launch. Saw Last Shuttle Launch (Score 1) 130

I feel lucky that I've had the privilege to see the last launch of both programs up close (if 10 miles can be considered close). The Apollo launch had a higher 'coolness' factor because it was a moon launch going at night. It signaled the end of the golden era of space exploration. It was a great ride and will never be repeated. The Shuttle program, like Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, will give way to the next step. The Shuttle's day is done and it's time for the commercial entities to carry the torch or in the case people into low Earth orbit. I'll miss the shuttle. It was a good and functional LEO space truck. It was not a great exploration vehicle but it did what is was designed to do and did it pretty well. I wonder what the next step will be. I hope it's something that inspires the next generation of explorers.

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