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Comment Re:Amazon sounds as bad as eBay... (Score 1) 143

Back in 2003 or 2004 I ordered a product from Amazon and they shipped the wrong version of the product (CD instead of DVD installation). There was no phone number listed on their website and the return process did not have an option for "sent the incorrect product". I could not get a response from their customer service and was charge $5 to return the item. I have not been back to Amazon since. Newegg has worked for me. When I search for products I rarely see things that I would buy on Amazon for more then a few dollars cheaper then I can get from other sources.


Comment Re:Different Services need to be split (Score 2) 209

Mod parent WAY up.

The first thing I thought when I looked at the graphs, what service plan are these people on. Most I know have the cheapest package they can find with connection speed upper bound at 1.5-5mbs. At those speeds the throughput Netflix is reporting look pretty good. I have a 20mbs connection (from an ISP not listed in the report) and over the summer I routinely streamed (@ 8mbs), the wife would have a Netflix movie on her laptop, and the kids watching some show from Netflix as well. Aggregate bandwidth requirements were roughly 15mbs.

It fits: you get what you pay for, though I don't defend the prices or lack of sustained rate one typically finds with ISP's. I just found that good hardware, a decent home network configuration, and staying away from the cheapest bottom rung plan tend to go a long way.>/p>

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Submission + - How often do you google yourself?

Gates82 writes: How often do you google yourself?
When looking for a job
I thought googling yourself was the other thing

Comment Re:No problem, long as they charge at night (Score 4, Interesting) 438

I am an engineering for a large utility in the US, granted Civil not Electrical, but the principal for generation is:

You produce a little spare power that is grounded to handle increases (your buffer)
There are voltage regulators and capacitor banks at substations to handle small variations in load
Utilize peaking stations when the load on the grid is particularly high
The key for generation: RPM of the turbine, as load on the grid decreases it take less energy to maintain the speed of the turbine; so while a turbine may still be spinning at the same speed during high and low demand it is certainly not consuming as much fuel

With that being said, there is certainly a lag between the consumption of fuel and the utilization of that energy (steam to mechanical motion) that may produce a delay of an hour as load decreases. Utility companies have a great deal of data and they can generally predict when usage will change and adjust the fuel consumption accordingly.

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Comment Re:16 years old, no legal rights against parents. (Score 1) 428

Why are you putting up with that? Your tacit approval of the parents' unreasonable requirements is part of the problem.

Short Answer: For the kids that are not a pain in the butt.

Long Answer (sans explanation): Out of a moral and religious obligation (not that I would expect most slashdotters to comprehend)

Additional Note: Recently started working with this group of kids, and parents are being notified of the behavior and that it will not be tolerated; I hardly think I am part of the problem.

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Comment Re:16 years old, no legal rights against parents. (Score 3, Interesting) 428

I totally agree with this sentiment. I work with a youth group at my church, mainly the teenage boys, and some are forced to attend by their parents, and they are impossible to control. Growing up I attended the same group and participated as I wished but did not actively cause problems at risk of punishment that may be doled out even though my parents could not really do anything (I just didn't really realize it). The kids today know that their parents and leaders can't do anything. A very dangerous line has been crossed in the American Society. Just my thoughts

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Comment At the Bottom (Score 1) 569

One would think that the slashdot crowd would be a little more up-to-date. I guess it doesn't exist until Apple releases a comparable product. I can't believe I had to wade through tons of posts to find someone that finally extols the virtues of the marriage of laptop and hand writing. I spent the last two years working on my CE degree with an X61 Thinkpad Tablet. I went completely paperless, lowered the weight of my backpack to a few pounds, scanned all of the material handed out, and took notes in class with OneNote. Every item for school was converted to PDF and I was able to search, combine, cut and paste easily.

I wish this crowd would wake up and look more seriously at the tablets that have been around for 3 years. I know I should get off your lawn.

So who is hotter? Ali or Ali's Sister?

PC Games (Games)

EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely 341

Spacezilla writes "EA is dropping the bomb on a number of their video game servers, shutting down the online fun for many of their Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 games. Not only is the inclusion of PS3 and Xbox 360 titles odd, the date the games were released is even more surprising. Yes, Madden 07 and 08 are included in the shutdown... but Madden 09 on all consoles as well?"

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