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Comment Re:Email got hacked (Score 1) 118

I had a credit card hacked once. The person used it to pay for a lot of crap on iTunes. When I called Apple support, the said that the credit card was attached to a different account. So when the support person wanted to validate who I was, she asked me for the answers to my secret questions. I had scrambled answers like you describe. I also always use the maximum number of characters that the field (or rule) will allow. About 50 characters into it, she said she knew it was me.

Comment Re:No one asking the obvious. (Score 2) 508

"... In the U.S. alone, 79 million people are infected with HPV. That’s more than a quarter of the entire population. Fourteen million new cases crop up every year. Gardasil can substantially cut those numbers back—it’s working, and working well, in the U.S. and Australia—but not if the fearmongering falsehoods by anti-vaxxers get traction."

Isn't it odd that we'll do everything we can to focus on the vaccination and those who might be affecting that profit stream, all while ignoring the root cause and ever-growing infection rate.

Yeah, there's a fucking herd of elephants standing in the room, but they're making us a shitload of money, so...

I question the 79 million people being infected. Per the CDC site, in the summary:

How do I know if I have HPV?
There is no test to find out a person’s “HPV status.” Also, there is no approved HPV test to find HPV in the mouth or throat.

So if there is no way to know if someone has HPV, then how the fuck can there be a count of the people with HPV.?

Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 0) 508

This is why vaccines should be 100% mandatory unless there is a valid medical reason. I don't care what your religion, personal beliefs etc are. If you are going to live around other people you have to be vacinated.

And I would say if YOU, Ambassador Kosh, are man enough. Bring it!

Comment Re:The herd's moving (Score 1) 508

Well, the problem with this is that the idiots refusing vaccines aren't just putting themselves at risk.

If it was just they and their offspring would become ill? Hey, run wild. You've taken yourselves out of the gene pool and we don't care. That's your damned problem for a choice you made.

But that isn't what happens. Someone else gets sick.

Which means if you refuse to get vaccinated and then help to spread disease you should be liable for that. Like criminally liable.

If it was as simple as the herd doing without the ones who wouldn't get vaccinated, it would be an easy choice. What they really end up doing is endangering other people.

Which means they aren't solely the ones in danger by their own stupidity, and they should be refused access to places like schools and jobs so they don't make others ill due to their own stupid.

The person, that refused the vaccine and got sick, got the disease from someone else. So does that someone else also get charged criminally?
And if the person, that refused the vaccine and got sick, how would the disease affect anyone else except people that were not vaccinated?

I would think people like you, would think this to be a self solving problem.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 119

A wired solution that reported "everything is ok!" if you cut the wires or the power went out would be equally stupid.

A good wired solution would use supervised alarm circuits. These have a resistors incorporated into the circuit, usually one in series and one parallel.

In this manner cutting the wires would produce a true open. Twisting the wires together would show a true closed. In normal operation neither of those two conditions would exist.

Comment Verizon Leadership (Score 3, Insightful) 153

I can not understand the leadership at Verizon. They seem to always do the opposite of what they should do.

For example, when the iPhone first came out, Verizon turned Apple down and lost quite a few subscribers to ATT. I wonder if the executive that made that decision kept his job?

More examples:
Red Box deal
Intel TV assets
and now AOL

There never appears to be a coherent thought process. The layoff thousands 3 weeks ago, going to lay off a lot more on May 22nd, yet there is money to waste on AOL. Funny thing is, I will probably be laid off after this year's contract negotiations are over, but my son will start working for Vz in June.

I bet they bag Wireline with the load debt so that Wireless books look great.

Comment Re:Videos for future moments (Score 2) 698

I was thinking along this same path. I was thinking recording singing happy birthday, for each birthday up to 21. Maybe sing some Christmas Carols (or whatever religion you might practice). Try to do some videos that would be joke related, meaning you provide the joke on video (and then pause) your wife responds (in real life) and you provide punch line (on video). Might actually great fun.

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