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Comment Re:Let's see if I've got this right (Score 1) 470

Like I said, within the context of UTC, leap seconds should not be accounted for. UTC is an arbitrary time system and can have both static rules, like leap years, and dynamic rules, like leap seconds. Every conforming UTC system should operate like the leap second never occurred. All interval calculations will remain correct under those conditions.

Such a time system should not be used for "real" time sensitive systems like celestial mechanics, crypto certificates, or medical devices. There are better time systems for that. Accordingly, mapping between UTC and some other system will not necessarily yield a one-to-one mapping.

Comment Re:Let's see if I've got this right (Score 1) 470

unless your problem domain needs to store the occurrence of leap seconds, when they appear are irrelevant. Regardless of when they appear, time monotonically increases. There is simply a skip. By its nature, the skip is meant to be invisible. Any time system based on UTC shouldn't try to factor in leap seconds while doing arithmetic because every UTC system will see that leap second as never existing in the first place. Systems that involve motion like satellites or systems that involve crypto should use an alternate time system and map between the two.

Comment Re:Apple owners would make same unauthorized copie (Score 1) 865

I am optimistic this strange concept will be overturned in good time, perhaps even by the Ninth Circuit, upholding the district courts decisions in Vernor and Augusto in pending appeals.

I think you'll be waiting quite a while. Google Blizzard vs Glider for a taste of what the courts have to say about EULA's. You might also want to pop over here for more information about the Psystar/Apple battle.

Comment Well its about doggone time (Score 1) 849

Really, what good are the dots? It doesn't prevent someone from looking over your shoulder. A villain can just look at your keyboard while you type. Maybe its of some use on a public terminal, but I check my six before I type in a security password anyway.

The obscured pass(word|phrase|key) has been the most aggravating while trying to type in a strong WiFi password on an IPhone (pre 2.something-or-nother update). Try it. The aggravation is pure ecstasy. Luckily Apple has wised up and shows you the last character you've typed at least.

And how about disabling paste from a security box. You can't verify your passkey when you're troubleshooting. A determined villain can get to it anyway, especially if they have access to your machine. Don't even get me started on the 'super' secure entry boxes where you can't paste TO the security edit box.


Is a $72.5m Opening Weekend Enough For Star Trek? 820

brumgrunt writes "At first glance, JJ Abrams' Star Trek has won over audiences as well as critics as it stormed to a $72.5m US opening weekend. However, Den Of Geek sounds a note of caution. Can it hold an audience for a second week? How do its numbers stack up? And as Wolverine looks like its struggling to reach $200m off an $85m opening weekend, is Star Trek yet the huge hit blockbuster that some of the headlines are suggesting?"

Comment Re:How hard was *that* prediction... (Score 5, Insightful) 379

I don't think that'll work. You're setting up a system where more unscrupulous individuals could make a mint. If there's a big demand for a $250 laptop in richer countries, someone is bound to try to capitalize on the difference in price. What will happen is that those free or near-free machines going to third world kids will be stolen or 'lost'. They'll wind up on the grey market for $200 or thereabouts.


Bizarre Properties of Glass Allow Creation of "Metallic Glass" 265

VindictivePantz writes to mention that scientists have discovered some bizarre properties of glass and are already applying that knowledge to create what is being called "metallic glass." "The breakthrough involved solving the decades-old problem of just what glass is. It has been known that that despite its solid appearance, glass and gels are actually in a 'jammed' state of matter — somewhere between liquid and solid — that moves very slowly. Like cars in a traffic jam, atoms in a glass are in something like suspended animation, unable to reach their destination because the route is blocked by their neighbors. So even though glass is a hard substance, it never quite becomes a proper solid, according to chemists and materials scientists."

What Does It Mean To Be an Open Source Author? 89

lolococo writes to tell us that Laurent Cohen, founder of the open source project JPPF (Java Parallel Processing Framework), has decided to share what life is like for an open source contributor in general and little bit about what that means. "There came a time of coding, releasing, coding, releasing. The project started gathering some momentum, as a small community of users started to use it, but why was it not working in this case, or why did it not have this feature, or how could I do this, etc...? You get the drift. Oh my, now I had to start interacting with other folks! What was I to do? That started a (thankfully short) period of intense existential self-questioning. What was the purpose of this project? Why did I actually open-source it? I resolved this by deciding unilaterally that it would be a free contribution, for whomever would be interested enough to look into it. I also decided that it was my personal responsibility to support these brave folks into using the project, and to make it, as much as possible, a happy experience for them."
Data Storage

Tru64 Unix Advanced File System (AdvFS) Now GPL 226

melios writes "In a move that could help boost the scalability of Linux for grids and other advanced 64-bit multiprocessor applications, HP has released its Tru64 Unix Advanced File System (AdvFS) source code to the open source community. Source code, design documentation, and test suites for AdvFS are available on SourceForge."

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