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Submission + - Microsoft hates Blogs - It's Official (techfornovices.com)

tech4novices writes: "Search engines are increasingly implementing features that restrict the results for queries to be from blog pages. The website www.blogcensus.net gives information on an effort to index blogs, though this was apparently discontinued in late 2003. At that time, the site stated that it had indexed 2.8 million blogs. Currently, Technorati claims to be tracking 43.2 million blog sites. It is currently difficult for search engines to identify blog pages, regardless of the source of the content in a blog page."

Submission + - Wikileaks releases SECRET U.S. report on Fallujah (wikileaks.org)

James Hardine writes: The open government group Wikileaks has released its first classified SECRET U.S intelligence report — on the battle of Fallujah, together an SECRET satellite imagery of Abu Ghraib The report is classified SECRET/NOFORN. NOFORN means do not share with US allies such as the UK, Australia and Canada. According to the report former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld launched the assault before marines were ready because the Iraqi town, situated 40 miles from the center of Baghdad, had become "a symbol of resistance that dominated international headlines". Similar considerations eventually destroyed the mission. Coalition air strikes were conducted during the three week cease-fire, which was a "bit of a misnomer" and the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal contributed to the politically driven final peace settlement. The settlement left Coalition Provisional Authority chief Paul Bremer "furious". The report concludes stating that "Information operations are increasingly important in a 21st Century world..." The report comes after a string of coups for site in the past month, including releasing Guantanamo Bay's manuals and and busting it's public affairs office conducting illegal propaganda posts on the internet.

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