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Comment Re:Geeks With Guns (Score 1) 455

Marx assumed implosion. Specifically, that an already-industrialized society with capitalism run rampant would implode as the assets gradually shifted from the poorest to the wealthist. The proletariat would eventually find themselves unable to buy anything that they produce, meaning that the bourgeousie would not be able to sell and the whole cycle would devolve into chaos. The proletariat would revolt en masse and overthrow the bourgeousie, forming a collective. Incidentally, this hasn't happened yet in any large nation that I'm aware of --

But you can see how this could happen. The rich are getting richer especially in the US and there is a large poor underclass developing. The middle class is being sustained on a healthy economy but if something were to happen to the stock market or something you'd have a major problem. The middle class always has the bulk of the tax burden and has the greatest risk when the economy falters.

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