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Comment Re:Help me put the speed of this into perspective. (Score 5, Interesting) 157

As somebody who has used a DWave computer... you're asking the wrong question. They cannot run Firefox at any speed. They're analog computers purpose-built to solve extremely specialized optimization problems. But they don't necessarily "solve" problems -- they're likely to find good near-solutions. If you write an LLVM extension for which bitwise operations are computed as a solutions to an Ising spin glass problem, then it'd be waaay faster to run your Firefox port on DWave hardware backend than it would use a simulated annealing backend.

And that would simply be awful.

Comment Re:Give us the patent number (Score 5, Insightful) 174


You're just knocking on doors asking companies to expose themselves to lawsuits for the dubious reward of paying you to sit on your ass and do nothing while they dump buckets of money into turning your patent into a product. Not attractive.

If you want a big company to pay for your idea, start a business. Succeed with your idea. Then get your company bought out. You'll get money for effort. Y'know, money you deserve, for putting in the effort.

Comment Re:I'm not so sure about that (Score 1) 390

Listen to what prostitutes have to say on the topic before you get all righteous about protecting them. Governments have been doing that since time immemorial, and the efforts to "protect" prostitutes tend to harm them. Arresting them is just awful. Arresting their johns is just as bad, because it forces it underground and establishes a black market complete with human trafficking, prevents prostitutes from conducting interviews in a safe way, from establishing brothels and hiring security guards, etc. We've been trying this "ban it 'til it dies" approach. It's never worked, there's no reason to think that it will tomorrow.

Your statement about "most prostitutes" can only be interpreted as factual if it is backed by good science with a significant and representative sample of prostitutes. Since prostitution is illegal, there's major problems in finding people to participate in a poll, so there is heavy sample bias in all of the social science done regarding prostitutes.

For example, such polls are often done when prostitutes are in the middle of an interaction with either the legal system or the health system. If you poll the prostitutes you find in a rape shelter, for example, you'll get very different statistics than you would in a legal brothel in Nevada.

Comment Legalize prostitution, you assholes. (Score 2) 390

Stop criminalizing sex. Just like pot, it's only sketchy 'cause it's illegal. Sure, there's still potential for abuse and harm... but in our present system, the laws mandate harm done to prostitutes and johns who are, by and large, just consenting adults. Unlike pot, shagging for pay doesn't harm one's ability to drive for the next few hours.

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