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Comment Cellulose-based Economy (Score 1) 695

This solution entails reducing all emissions to zero with mandatory carbon traps on all energy generation and vehicles. Also there would be a switch from fossil fuels to cellulose fuels catalyzed by algae and bacteria. All plastics would be replaced with cellulose plastics. All this cellulose is mined directly from the atmosphere via giant, genetically engineered, fast growing trees or plants, which are then harvested for all fuel and plastic needs.

The net result should be rapid sequestration of carbon to go along with a lively economy. It would be important to bury our trash (made of the cellulose) into dumps. Also would be important to have measures to do controlled burns of these landfills, hundreds of years in the future, in case the cellulose economy begins to freeze our planet.

Comment it can (Score 1) 264

i put a 9800 GSO in a old sony vaio that was new enought to be first gen PCI express.. its single core 3.2 ghz with hypthread P4
its got 1.5 gb ram (i added extra gig, it was hard to find old ram but you can). since the card was going to be a strain on the power supply i pulled everything like floppy tv tuner lots of crap. it runs sims 3 and minecraft smoothly for my 1st grade son. good computer now and the PSU hasnt burned out!

it can be done!!

see if you can upgrade all the parts you can: ram, cpu, and video card (even upgrade the PSU if its not proprietary like the sony)
the prices might be dirt cheap for obsolete parts (if you can find em)

Comment Re:Onewholeinternets (Score 1) 51

I burned out a graphics card mining. literally. there was a tiny pool of copper in the middle of a scortch mark on the back of the card, where it was facing up. an entire lil logic chip exploded into fire, and liquid copper. roasted the psu, the mobo too. suffice to say i summarily informed my wife that i would be ceasing bitcoin mining, immediately :P

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