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Comment Is it really as good as they say? (Score 4, Informative) 127

I used to work at a precision GPS company, on differential GPS. What they would do is have a 'base station' that would stay in a single spot, and average the position from the GPS signal for a period of time. This is because, due to atmospheric interference, the position 'wobbles'.. Once we have an average position, we use that position to come up with correctors to send to the mobile units (via radio modem usually, though other means are possible). This got us to be on par with what this article is claiming.

I wonder if they account for the 'position wobble' of atmospheric interference. I suspect its possible, as they just pick one position they've received, and use the inertial adjust for the correctors. Not much more work than we were doing.

(I didnt write any of the algorithms or anything, just shuffled data around to different devices and libraries.)


Submission + - BIND crash bug (

Garion911 writes: If you run secondary DNS, you may want to read about the crash that can occur, especially if you dont trust your primaries. Read about it here.

Submission + - A BIND bug you never heard of (

Garion911 writes: Several months ago, I discovered a BIND bug. When BIND is a slave, the master can send some bad data in the zone. When a query for that bad data comes in, it crashes BIND. This is fixed in the most recent versions of BIND, but anyone hosting DNS with BIND will want to upgrade! Read more details here.

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