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Comment Re:Wait wot? What about the Nexus 4? (Score 3, Interesting) 92

Because despite the terrible summary, the claim isn't about Apple hindering the performance of its chips. It's about Apple claiming there's no discernible difference between Intel & Qualcomm iPhones. The section about hindering performance is a couple of paragraphs of background in a multi-hundred page document, but for some reason the press has latched onto it.

Comment Re:Circular (Score 5, Interesting) 96

It looks like what makes this case different from typical moderation is "Oh No they Didn't" would review every submission before posting them, whereas typically submissions are automatically posted but can be taken down by moderators. So as I understand it the typical default approve moderation is fine, it's just this require approval before posting moderation which may be suspect.

Similarly I imagine sites like reddit where the moderators are also users is also fine, regardless of the method, since the company itself is (usually) not involved.

Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1) 369

As far as I can tell there's opposition to any pipelines, regardless of where they're going. There's also opposition to twinning the pipeline to Vancouver, as well as opposition to a proposed pipeline to Kitimat. I don't think it's opposition to oil going to the US, it's opposition to oil going anywhere.

Comment Re:Judicial appeal is too slow (Score 1) 318

In this case the courts found there wasn't even a judicial redress, because Congress hadn't specifically created one, and this case didn't fall into a number of traditional categories. Which strikes me as very backward -- one of the main purposes of the constitution should be to act as a brake on the power of Congress, yet here the court has decided it's only effective if Congress on certain classes of laws if Congress decides it is.

But really the government will only stop this kind of stuff when the average voter decides Congress is more of a threat than Terrorists, and starts voting for civil rights.

Comment Re:Let the games begin (Score 1) 37

Fleets of balloons to interfere with aircraft has been tried before. With higher flying aircraft it becomes impractical to teather to the ground (per Wikipedia), and filling several million cubic feet with balloons packed close enough to have a good probability of hit is impractical (and temporary if they're not tethered).

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