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Comment Re:fighting carbon pollution? (Score 1) 369

As far as I can tell there's opposition to any pipelines, regardless of where they're going. There's also opposition to twinning the pipeline to Vancouver, as well as opposition to a proposed pipeline to Kitimat. I don't think it's opposition to oil going to the US, it's opposition to oil going anywhere.

Comment Re:Judicial appeal is too slow (Score 1) 318

In this case the courts found there wasn't even a judicial redress, because Congress hadn't specifically created one, and this case didn't fall into a number of traditional categories. Which strikes me as very backward -- one of the main purposes of the constitution should be to act as a brake on the power of Congress, yet here the court has decided it's only effective if Congress on certain classes of laws if Congress decides it is.

But really the government will only stop this kind of stuff when the average voter decides Congress is more of a threat than Terrorists, and starts voting for civil rights.

Comment Re:Let the games begin (Score 1) 37

Fleets of balloons to interfere with aircraft has been tried before. With higher flying aircraft it becomes impractical to teather to the ground (per Wikipedia), and filling several million cubic feet with balloons packed close enough to have a good probability of hit is impractical (and temporary if they're not tethered).

Comment Re:Stop white genocide (Score 1) 546

I hope you will shortly be returning to Europe, and leave the Americas to their indigenous peoples. The only reason white people are here is because they couldn't make their own shitty countries work.

If you are in Europe, I hope you're not an Irish protestant, English, Normand, Breton, or from the south of Spain, or many other places in Europe, I have bad news for you too.

Comment Re:Am I the only one that... (Score 1) 67

How to make a nuclear weapon is (as far as I know) not particularly hard to figure out. Even in the Manhattan project the major hurdle wasn't the bomb design, it was acquiring the necessary nuclear materials. E.g. they were so confident in the design dropped on Hiroshima they never tested it in advance.

Now, of course, it's even easier. Apparently in the 50s the US government wanted to see how easy it would be for countries to acquire the bomb, so they had a couple newly minted physics Ph.D.s attempt to design a nuclear weapon based on publicly available information. It took them 2-3 years, and they ended up with a design which likely would have worked.

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