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Comment Ubuntu for actual work (Score 1) 501

In my experience, the "propietary NVidia driver" & Ubuntu organs simply couldn't handle multiple monitors, let alone docking/undocking a laptop while handling the multiple monitor situation, even remotely gracefully.

Thus, even as a 'computer tinkerer', I decided to figure out how to make Vista less annoying, since it already works, rather than spend another week of time I don't have to get Ubuntu to handle basic things I need to do for my work.

I really did give it a shot (4 days of spare time between actual work each day), but it was so far from easy or obvious, and every config file had a different format, it really just wasn't worth my time to figure out. A couple friends who told me to go with Ubuntu (since I was hoping to usurp Vista on the new work Laptop) were not surprised that it wasn't remotely easy to get docking/undocking with multiple monitors to work.
I'm sure if your work actually requires you to be in front of a computer all day it's not so painful to fix it up, but if you just need your computer to work correctly for the hour or two you use it during the work day, it's much more difficult to justify the time investment.

btw, that article about linux users being jerks to someone who accidentally got Ubuntu was hilarious. But thus is the nature of posting comments: people tend to be as nasty as possible, since they'll probably never meet the poster face to face.

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