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Submission + - Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Singleplayer

Robotron23 writes: The developers behind the sequel to legendary videogame Elite has, to the anger and dismay of fans, dropped the offline singleplayer mode it promised. The game is due for full release in under a month. With the title having raised about $1.5 million from Kickstarter, and millions more in subsequent campaigns that advertised the feature, gamers are livid. A complaints thread on the official Elite forums has swelled to 450+ pages in only three days, while refunds are being lodged in the thousands. It is down to the discretion of Frontier, the game's developer, whether to process refund requests of original backers.

Submission + - Hackers Get Valid Google SSL Cert ( 1

Trailrunner7 writes: A certificate authority in the Netherlands issued a valid SSL wildcard certificate for Google to a third party in July, leading to concerns that attackers may have been using the certificate to route sensitive traffic through their own servers, capturing it and compromising user data in the process. The certificate was revoked by the CA, DigiNotar, after the problem came to light Monday.

The attack appears to have been targeting Gmail users specifically. Some users trying to reach the Gmail servers over HTTPS found that their traffic was being rerouted through servers that shouldn't have been part of the equation. On Monday afternoon, security researcher Moxie Marlinspike checked the signatures on the certificate for the suspicious server, which had been posted to Pastebin and elsewhere on the Web, and found that the certificate was in fact valid. The attack is especially problematic because the certificate is a wildcard cert, meaning it is valid for any of Google's domains that use SSL.

Submission + - Fake certificate for * in Iran ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Dutch CA DigiNotar has issued a certificate for * (which was revoked a few hours ago), that some Iranian ISPs used to do SSL MITM.

Submission + - IBM Plays SimCity with Portland Oregon

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Greg Lindsay reports that Portland Oregon will be the first city to use IBM's new app called Systems Dynamics for Smarter Cities containing 3,000 equations which collectively seek to model cities’ emergent behavior and help them figure out how policy can affect the lives of their citizens. The program seeks to quantify the cause-and-effect relationships between seemingly uncorrelated urban phenomena. "What’s the connection, for example, between ...obesity rates and carbon emissions?" writes Lindsay. "To find out, simply round up experts to hash out the linkages, translate them into algorithms, and upload enough historical data to populate the model. Then turn the knobs to see what happens when you nudge the city in one direction." One of the drivers of the “Portland Plan” is the city’s commitment to a 40 percent decrease in carbon emissions by 2030, which necessitates less driving and more walking and biking. Running the model planners discovered a positive feedback loop: More walking and biking would lead to lower obesity rates for Portlanders. In turn, a fitter population would find would find walking and biking a more attractive option. But as the field of urban systems gathers steam, it’s important to remember that IBM and its fellow technology companies aren’t the first to offer a quantitative toolkit to cities. In the 1970's RAND built models they thought could predict fire patterns in New York, and then used them to justify closing fire stations in NYC's poorest sections in the name of efficiency, a decision that would ultimately displace 600,000 people as their neighborhoods burned."
The Internet

Submission + - US ISPs Hijacking Search Traffic without Consent (

hypnosec writes: A group of internet researchers has claimed that some ISPs in the United States are re-routing search queries for their own personal gains. According to a report released by researchers at the International Computer Science Institute and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, some ISPs are working with a company to redirect users to directly to the website instead of taking them to a search results page. The ISPs named in the report include Cavalier, Cogent, Frontier, Fuse, DirecPC, RCN, and Wide Open West, which are working with a company called Paxfire which redirects the users.

Submission + - Australia to Finally get adult video game rating (

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like Australia has finally grown up a bit and officially decided to have an adult rating for video games. The debate has lasted ten years but finally all of the different State Attorney Generals have formally agreed to have an R18+ category for games. This means that Australians SHOULD finally be able to play Left 4 Dead 2 (uncensored) and Mortal Kombat 9.
United Kingdom

Submission + - GTA Being Blamed For London Riots (

Calidreth writes: With the UK riots affecting more areas today, many are targeting troubled youths as the key demographic responsible. Local businesses are major targets for rioters, with many London shops closed and boarded up for protection. Fires across central Manchester began today, following some disturbances earlier. The rest of the country has already banded together to clean the streets and counter these hooligans in full force. Yesterday, an unnamed policeman blamed the thuggery on violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto. We’ve heard it all before, but are these video games really to blame?

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