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Comment Simplicity (Score 1) 467

I miss the simplicity of it all. Sure, everyone pines for "simpler times" no matter what era they're from, but there's a striking difference in simplicity between computers of the 90s and computers of today. The biggest change is internet access and the requirement for it. Back on Windows 98 and Windows XP (and even, to some extent, Windows 7), things just worked. Sure, you could have an "active desktop" that displayed web content, but it wasn't a requirement. The only DRM was software keys or manual lookups ("what's the word on page 93"), and we could physically manage our disks and documentation. Single-player games could be played without an internet connection, and usually the first releases of applications were actually stable, with no Day 1 patches or DLC.

These days, I hope either Windows 7 is supported forever, or Microsoft releases another OS that I actually like. Windows 8 and 10 just don't do it for me, and I have little hope that their successors will, either. I don't know. I think, somewhere along the way, I just got stuck in 2010 and now I want to stay there forever.

Comment Re:Manuals! (Score 1) 467

How about manuals written like the developers actually enjoyed and appreciated their product? I remember Maxis and MicroProse manuals that not only told you how to play, but included historical information, humorous comics, and plenty of other content that added nothing to the game but plenty to your own understanding of what they were trying to simulate. Look at the original manuals for Railroad Tycoon, Colonization, Civilization, SimAnt, SimFarm, SimLife, etc., and you'll see they're much different from what we've got now.

Comment Re:A race to the bottom (Score 1) 467

Most of the durable goods bought at Walmart (tools, kitchen utensils, small kitchen appliances etc) probably end up being used a few times over the owner's lifetime. If they are going to bake all day, every day, they will buy a professional mixer instead of the deprecated KitchenAid crap that Target or Kohls or Walmart sells. Generally, why pay for "quality" -- do you really care if the kitchen gadget still works when your great grandchild inherits it and it's completely technologically obsolete anyway? Engineers should understand "cost:benefit" tradeoffs very well.

Are you sure KitchenAid is the brand you meant to call out? I've got a KitchenAid mixer from the 70s that works as well for me as it did for my grandma, and the 600 dollar ones they sell now, to me, seem like the best that's out there.

Comment Re:The Honeymoon is over I guess? (Score 1) 399

(Especially since demographically, their employees vote for a party that is all for taking people's stuff and redistributing it to the less fortunate.)

That's an outstanding point. You're only in favor of wealth redistribution until it's your wealth being redistributed. And, besides the fact that the employees weren't even guaranteed the money to begin with, what's the difference between this and higher taxes/premiums, other than that your "donation" is less likely to be burned away by bureaucracy on its way to the people it's supposed to help?

Comment Re: I think it's fair (Score 1) 178

In other words, their regular job doesn't pay a living wage, and neither does Uber or they would quit their regular job and do Uber full time.

Don't you think that's presumptuous? I make very competitive money at my current job, and I intend to support my family solely on it once kids come into the picture, but until then, my income is supplemented by the job my wife works. That doesn't mean my job doesn't pay a living wage; it simply means that more money is more attractive than less money.

Comment "Millions of dollars"? (Score 4, Insightful) 110

What "millions of dollars" did the site generate? I can understand a claim of lost profits for the content owners, perhaps, but it's not like that translates into earned revenue for the site owners. And if they made money from paid memberships or ads or something, that's hardly illegal.

Comment Re:It's how you define the 'utility function' (Score 1) 609

Excellent point. Regardless of "weight of scientific evidence," people are still going to have values, and those values are going to differ. Today, many freeways have a speed limit of 70MPH. I bet if you lowered it to 60, you'd save a couple hundred or thousand deaths each year. Lowering it to 50 or 40 would reduce the deaths even more.

But at some point, we have to establish a baseline for how many annual traffic deaths we find "acceptable" as a society. You're left with either a law based on sheer evidence ("No driving, because driving results in deaths"), or a law based on popular opinion ("People are satisfied with the death rate of a 70MPH freeway system, so that's the speed limit"). The former would be absurd, and we already have the latter.

Comment Re:Not senile, just falling for old philosophy (Score 3, Interesting) 951

The interesting thing to me is that this is just religion given techy words so it sounds more "rational" or "thought-provoking." Both a simulation and a creation would require a creator - some greater being outside of what we consider reality. In fact, when it comes down to it, do you really lose anything by calling the Christian (or Muslim or Jewish or whatever you like) theology a description of a computer simulation?

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 424

Just more Cheez-wiz American cinema. Lucas ruined the first three movies when made the last three.

Oh for pete's sake, Lucas didn't ruin anything. Star Wars until the sellout to Disney was his. His fucking vision.

Well, no. His vision was a green-skinned Han Solo with gills and other crazy characters/ideas that brighter minds, fortunately, talked him out of. A New Hope is what happens when you based your movie on established storytelling techniques (hero's journey) and have a capable and outspoken editing staff. The Phantom Menace is what happens when you leave Lucas to "his vision."

Comment Re:Rather late (Score 2) 313

Nope, I use high quality VBR MP3 for my music because a) it sounds great, b) it's supported on everything and c) it takes a lot less storage space. FLAC is for idiots who think they have superhuman hearing.

I use FLAC to rip my CDs losslessly, so if they ever break, get lost, or degrade, I'll be able to re-burn them with no loss of data. I won't pretend I can hear the difference, but I'd rather not take the chance if I have to reuse/transcode the files in the future.

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