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Comment Re:Trying to figure out who the good guys are (Score -1) 219

You're not responsible. You're absolutely nothing.

You need to switch to Gamemaker. You need to switch to Gamemaker now! Why would anyone but the most foolish amateur use something other than Gamemaker? Operating systems should be coded with Gamemaker; games should be coded with Gamemaker; everything should be coded with Gamemaker!

Comment Re:SOCA - Serious Organised Crime Agency (Score 0) 177

My sentiments exactly.

I'm anti-piracy and believe artists should be compensated for their work. However, I also see that trying to stop piracy is a complete waste of time, resources, and taxpayer dollars. It's simply not possible to stop it, or even slow it down that much. Now, normally, this wouldn't mean we shouldn't try to stop it (such as with murder, rape, etc), but piracy can hardly be considered a serious crime (even people who make money off of it).

It's just not worth it. And to make matters worse, all the proposed 'solutions' they keep coming up with would harm innocents and open the doors to censorship and current copyright terms are ridiculous.

Yet we keep treating piracy as if it's a national security issue and trying to rush through draconian laws and treaties. Anyone who says that politicians aren't corporate tools is a fool.

Comment Re:Tasteless (Score 0) 507

1. Define capitalism as something it's not.

Right... it's just so people can make money. It's not so that we can have a better functioning society or anything. After all, anarchism and other such things are viable alternatives and the only reason we use capitalism is so some people can make by through any means necessary.

3. Profit! Wait, not profit, making money is immoral

Speaking of straw men...

Making money isn't immoral. It just depends on how you do it. If you're utilizing slave labor to make a profit, then that is definitely immoral.

Comment Re:Tasteless (Score 1) 507

Businesses arent supposed to "benefit society."

I disagree entirely. That's why we have regulations on businesses and they can't do whatever they want to make money. Businesses can easily be immoral.

But as I said, this is merely tasteless. Just don't buy it.

then we can only assume that you were happy to do so because you have free choice.

Provided there isn't a monopoly on an essential service (read: not this), of course.

Comment Re:Tasteless (Score 1) 507

Actually, I was just saying that making money isn't always the most important thing.

At most, I'd say this was in bad taste. However, Sony has done immoral things in the past (root kits and OtherOS removal come to mind). Like I said, I can't believe that some people are just now starting to want to boycott Sony.

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