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Comment Re:freedom of speech does actually have its limits (Score 1) 343

The app just collects publicly posted information about DUI checkpoints. It could be easily replicated in a for pay website which uses the browser API to grab GPS coordinates and fetch the relevant information. What happens then, are we going to come up with a mobile application website list?

Comment Re:This is trivial (Score 1) 70

Not only is it trivial, it doesn't even run any optimizations passes over the resulting point cloud in order to reduce error and produce nice surfaces. This process is very similar to the work done here except the resulting solution will be quicker because you already have some decent depth information for the points.

Comment Re:What happened? (Score 2, Insightful) 444

You, me, and pretty much every other engineer in existence shares this feeling. At its peak during Apollo NASA funding was 8 times the current $17 billion rate and I think it was worth it. You want more scientists and engineers here in the US, land a man on Mars. By the time we do it, I am pretty sure the world wide audience will be billions of people, easily toping the 15% who watched the Apollo landings.

Comment Re:Exoplanets vs. inter-stellar travel (Score 1) 136

It's also possible our "conventional" science and industrial means will extend to the point at which can build ships large enough and with enough fuel to make the journey's the hard way: sublight travel. Either putting people in suspended animation, having people that live for 100's of years, creating a self sustaining colony on the ship while it travels, etc. Heck, even with our current tech we could do this, it would just require a tremendous fraction of the earth's resources, mainly because its so hard to get into orbit.

Comment Re:Size is not as important as resolution (Score 2, Insightful) 375

What kind of work do you do on that machine? I have that exact screen size and resolution and I have used ones that are 1024x768 and there is basically no room for anything. With 1400x1050 I can have two code windows side by side, or a large interface from something like GIMP or OO up at the same time as a document. 1024x768 feels like living in a small, small box, never seeing enough information to get any work done.

Probably doesn't help I have dual 1680x1050 displays at both work and home

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