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Comment Re:Has Guardian ever saw a bad tax?.. (Score 1) 644

No, if it pleases the Crown, I'd like to make my own decisions.

Sounds like asking permission to me. How is that making your own decisions? Does prostrating yourself to a monarch really bother you less that considering the possibility that tax and transfer payment structures may need to change to meet the evolving needs of society?

Comment Thanks Apple (Score 2) 124

As I deal with the constant issues with Android (late/missing OS updates, poor software availability, inconsistent mess of an interface) I keep trying to remember why I ever dumped iOS. Then Apple pulls shit like refusing to ship a codec that every other browser supports. I don't care at all about 4K, but it's nice to be able to view WebM videos embedded in Wikpedia pages.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

They should not get to say "you can't have health care bacause you are a woman", "you can't have cake because you are gay", or "you can't use twitter bacause you are a biggot", but the cake shop, Hobby Lobby, and Twitter have every right to kick you out for harassing other customers.

Comment Re:When will a phone be out that has this? (Score 1) 70

I stumbled on my original first gen iPhone last week. It's so nice and small. Fits in my hand great. Disappears in my pocket. Almost makes me wish I could get a flagship smartphone with a screen that small (surely I would feel differently if I actually powered it on). Sadly I couldn't find an old 30 pin cable to power it up and see if it still works.

Comment srm? (Score 1) 569

Have any Slashdotters had any experience with BleachBit? Specifically, have you used it for erasing "yoga emails" or "bridesmaids emails?"

No, srm works fine for deleting things locally. As for email, secure erasure wouldn't help much; it's stored by Google so the NSA already has it.

Comment What does this run on? (Score 1) 125

I can't imagine they have hundreds of PS3s sitting in a datacenter to run this service. If this is running on an emulator on Xeons on in a datacenter, why don't they just sell emulated PS3 games to run directly on Windows and/or the PS4? I suppose they could have a datacenter full of rackmount Cell boxes which would be a little more interesting.

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