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Game Casa writes: So I did it and I’m not sorry. Not super happy, but not sorry

It started after I told my work buddies–was messing around with one out at Best Buy and thought it was neat. From there, it spiraled into a steady whirlpool of peer-fueled obsession. We started looking up specs online, talking about features, watching video clips, double checking features, discussing how to slip the $500 transaction by our girlfriends/wives, the list goes on. Once I was sucked in, there was no escape

Especially when stores were sold out! Why is that anyway; that we, as human beings, crave things that are hard/impossible to get a hold of? Is it a sense of achievement or satisfaction, like the thrill of the hunt, that drives our insatiable urge to gobble up scarce consumer goods, or have we become so uppity, that we HAVE to get something, just so everyone else knows that we have it and they don’t? Ahh, the mysteries of the universe! But I digress

The bottom line is, the iPad is pretty cool to look at, and has some amazing potential, but isn’t all that and a bag of chips so far. Here’s the skinny:


Typing is surprisingly easy
Crisp display and decent speakers
You can be the first tool to get caught reading the news from a, well, not newspaper
It fits in a backpack
The ABC video app bypasses the firewall at work


Screen smudges like a shit-whipe on a window
No flash support = no filthy videos on
No camera for chatroulette spank sessions on the go
iPhone apps don’t usually carry over (full size) and iPad app prices suck
Can’t use my PS3 bluetooth controller for Geometry Wars

Long story short, if you haven’t dropped the $500+ duckets on this bad boy, don’t cry. You’re not missing much and if you’re nice, I’ll let you look at mine for $5. If you have bought one, realize that you are a trend setter. A trend setter that just bought a ridiculously expensive digital picture frame :)

Comment Re:Talk about Idiots (Score 1) 174

I think this problem would be easily solved--and be extremely beneficial to the GW business/community --by simple branding: ala, having an official GW seal for approved IP. If fans create media, artwork, stories, etc, just make sure they don't brand it as GW. If they do, then by all means go after them.

The benefit of having fans promote your products far outweighs the cost of IP enforcement. Think about how many amazing artists, writers, and designers are out there, who could vastly enhance GW's business and would probably work for free...


Comment Re:Dumb move by EA (Score 1) 89

We discussed this in our podcast last night. Tis a double edged sword. If the extra $ translates over into great gaming experiences; furthermore, experiences that EVERYONE can participate in--ala, having the financial backing to publish multi-platform--, then the consumer wins. The fear is that the big company looses it's focus and puts out a lesser product. More important, is if they don't care since they know they'll see a return for their investment. Perhaps this has been done with certain titles, where there's no competition--Madden, cough, cough...--, but over all, the casual consumer seems to think EA is doing a good job. People vote with their $ and for the past 'I don't know' how many years, the people have voted EA the #1 software publisher. Lot of stupid people buying video games though... --GC

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