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Comment Enfora (Score 1) 296

I have been working on an online GPS tracking system for about 4 years now. The tracker we use the most is from Enfora. For about $130.00 dollars you can get their newest model with built in antennas and a 3 axis G sensor. It has a latching output to control a disable relay, a couple extra I/O (digital in, digital out and analog in). It supports different types of geofence and an overspeed. You should be able to find a service that supports this tracker for 10 to 25 dollar a month or you could roll your own if so inclined. Typical data usage is about 1 meg a month. I would shamelessly plug my service but I only operate in Brasil in partnership with risk management and insurance companies.

Comment Brazil, things will only get better (Score 1) 153

I'm an American that is moving to Brazil for the opportunities. The are in desperate need of skill people. While most of the country is still very much blighted there are many bright spots, but the brightest spot to me is the people. I have been all over the world and have never met a people that are as friendly and welcoming as a Basilero. Before I first went there all i heard was how it was such a dump with much violent crime. In the 2 Years that i have been there I have seen a huge amount of renovation and no violent crime and I live in Novo Mundo, Sao Paulo. The biggest problem I had was speaking the language as not very many people speak english. From what I have seen there I think this Foxconn deal was premature, their infrastructure just cannot handle a Tech company that large. Maybe in 5 more years.

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