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Comment Re: GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 1) 357

You asked to see research re: problems with teflon used to coat pans

No, I asked to see a specific person's research to illustrate education doesn't make you immune to tinfoil hat syndrome.

Teflon is not the perfectly inert substance it was once touted to be

Teflon was never touted to be "perfectly inert" by the inventors. What some others may have claimed without evidence says more about what they would like to believe than anything else. As always, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Also being "inert" isn't a measure of safety or toxicity, oxygen is one of the least inert substances known. Go check out some insecticides inert ingredients and see if you would want to be exposed to them.

Comment Re: GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 1) 357

Wow, are you telling me if I abuse something it could be harmful? That's not pretty!

I'll also note if you abuse your traditional non non-stick pan with cooking oils at similar temperatures you will kill birds and sicken yourself and expose yourself to carcinogens. So keep that tinfoil real tight lest bad knowledge get into your mind.

Comment Re:GMO itself isn't the problem. Its how its used (Score 4, Insightful) 357

The issue has never been about GMO itself

Of course it has insomuch as any other thing which is beyond their immediate comprehension. There are oodles of people who will not consume food cooked on a non-stick skillet, yet go to a quack chiropractor believing the chiropractor cured them of MS using a foot bath. Others will spend their life savings investing in things like oil extracts believing it will prevent/cure things like nearsightedness and pretty much any other malady or the fake African currency years before the Internet became widespread. Still others have their sickly elderly parents drink silver water "for good health" and this on the heels of sending them to ER because they took St. John's wort(from the same child) in conjunction with HBP. Some claim to know people who were assassinated by the government because they knew the secret to make gasoline engines 100x more efficient. Others think the moon landing was a hoax. These are only examples from within my own extended family and I haven't even gotten to the crazy shit yet. Anyone else heard the "Obama is hoarding .22 rounds"? GMO is just another one these things.

People who are susceptible to conspiracy theories need no reason other than they don't understand it so it must be bad. And there is no need for them to understand it, as they see it -- poison in, poison out. Period. These people have already condemned themselves to perpetual indentured servitude and I have long ago given up on any hope of trying to use logic with them.

Comment Re:Why choose mysql? JetProfiler (Score 1) 244

WTF cares about jetprofiler? I'll answer that. The people who care about jetprofiler are the exact same people who should be running mysql in the first place. Hell, systemd probably wants jetprofiler too.

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