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Comment Re:The ultimate smartphone? (Score 0) 559

oh yeah, I like that. People regularly pay 300 dollars for a phone, and that's with the phone service discount. Besides this, the people who love Nintendo the most and have money are not so little any more, Nintendo phone could be sweet! Though now that I think about it, the DS is kind of like that already, except for the phone stuff. I suppose the DS did sell like hot cakes. Maybe it has some potential, though it would really depend on the games.

Comment Re:When... (Score 0, Troll) 599

I'm not a man to believe in 9/11 government conspiracies, but believing that global warming is a tool used by lying progressives to get large government control is not so far fetched. The great battle right now is between those who love their freedom and those who would enslave the citizens of the United States. President Obama doesn't care for us, he just wants to lull us into foolish submission with government controlled labor.

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