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Submission + - Java and Desktop Linux: A Match Made in Heaven?

Mike Urban writes: Now that Java has been open sourced under the GPL, even the most strict of the "free software only" distributions can start bundling it and integrating it into their Linux distributions out of the box. Indeed, many of them already have. In addition, the more ardent GPL supporters who have traditionally shunned Java can now embrace it as a first class citizen of the OSS world. Besides licensing Java under the GPL, The Swing team at Sun has also been hard at work improving the look and feel on the Linux desktop in Java 6. Can Java become the language of choice for developing Linux desktop applications?
The Internet

Submission + - China Says No More Internet Cafes

eldavojohn writes: "For many Chinese, internet access just got a little bit harder to acquire. For better or for worse, China will not be allowing anymore internet cafes to open this year. There are 113,000 internet cafes in China which serve as connection points for communities where personal internet connections are clearly not within the means given an average income. Considering recent stories and trends the Chinese government is taking, they aren't fooling around with 'protecting' their people from the 'forbidden fruit' of the internet."

Submission + - A hole in the earth's crust?

Rockin' Green writes: There's a hole in the earth's crust, according to this story by the Associated Press (via Yahoo). Normally, the earth's crust is a thick layer of hot lava. But in one spot, three miles below the ocean and 2,000 nautical miles off the Canary Islands, the normal crust is missing — replaced by the dark green rock from the earth's mantle, the layer below the crust. "It is like a window into the interior of the Earth," Bramley Murton, a geophysicist who is taking part in the six-week mission, said. d_expedition;_ylt=Ai0v_8.DZ1WEjHhooLUyhQ_MWM0F

Submission + - National Caffeine Awareness Month

mk writes: "In 2006 the governors of 5 states along with the mayors of 21 cities have all signed proclamations declaring March as National Caffeine Awareness Month to call attention to the dangers of caffeine dependency and intoxication. They all agree that prolonged caffeine consumption can pose a significant hazard to health and longevity. With as little as 200 mg of caffeine, you can experience typical addictive symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, tension, insomnia, excitement, and gastrointestinal disturbance. If you boost that level to more than 1 gram (1000 mg), you can get irregular heartbeats, panic and anxiety disorders, muscle twitching, incoherent speech, excessive urination, flushed skin, and depression. And, believe it or not, when you take over 5 grams of caffeine, the results can be fatal. This is one addiction you want to kick quickly! Marina Kushner strives to educate through her book, "The Truth About Caffeine — How Companies That Promote It Deceive Us and What We Can Do About It." The book has been described by critics as a "wake-up call" about caffeine and reveals "frightening evidence" of the damage caffeine can cause. The book reveals many serious physical and psychological effects of caffeine and the damaging effects on the public. To learn more about Kushner's book, or National Caffeine Awareness Month, you can visit"

Submission + - LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside

acassis writes: "LinuxBIOS is a BIOS replacement. You can use it to start Linux from Hard Disk or even using Linux inside BIOS flash. This work show LinuxBIOS with Linux and graphic mode inside the BIOS flash. There is used a tiny X Server known as Kdrive (formely tinyx). The graphic mode and window manager (MatchBox) starts in 8s.
See yourself:
More info about this system: =LinuxBIOS_Graphical"

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