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Comment Re:Our Attitude To Tech Resources (Score 1) 133

It is amazing how many of these slogans we have that people follow like gospel without ever considering how wrong it is. "Rule of Economy: Programmer time is expensive; conserve it in preference to machine time". This is not computer science this is Economics. A negative externality is a cost that is suffered by a third party. The correct way of putting this would be: "Rule of Acquisition 62: Profit is its own reward. The Riskier the road, the greater the profit. "

Comment make clouds not war (Score 1) 118

Last time I tried to find documentation online I couldn't find it anymore but long long ago (2004 ish) two Australian professors designed a wind turbine shaped like an O that spins around its axle (a vawt) It was to be scaled up and planted in the ocean. At the bottom (center) it took water in that was swirled up the 2 arms where it was sprayed outwards from reasonable height. Most of the water would fall back into the ocean taking all of the salt with it (some 60% if I remember correctly(I usually don't)) the rest would vaporize into clouds. I didn't check their math or anything but they argued that an array of these would be needed to green deserts. Also interesting: It is a closed community but cloudbusters work.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 262

Don't expect the zoo animals passing as human to understand the state of the art. The puzzle is far more interesting than given credit for. Take the paradox called the ship of Theseus. If most cells of your body are replaced we all agree it is still you. If we replace your limbs or your organs we all agree it is still you. What if we replace part of your brain, we repair or enhance your cognitive abilities with electronics? etc? What if we upload you? Is this where your life as a slave begins? ...obviously? At first the technology will only be available to the insanely rich. The obvious thing will be the exact opposite. In 1000 years or so, they will have rights and people will not.

Comment Re:No, it would improve Google searches (Score 0) 210

Historically the book burning assholes have always been assholes. It is valuable to document your imbecilic rant in that way. It allows future generation can see what unwashed savages roamed the earth. They will think ohh this man (you) didn't know anything! It will be very special to them I assure you.

Comment solar transmutation fun (Score 1) 326

I was thinking, why not take the GEET plasma reaction then wrap the reactor tube in a vacuum solar "cooker" to aid the TRANSMUTATION. The combi gives us a machine that takes conventional fuel mixtures and sunlight and gives us mechanical energy on demand + clean air. Am I talking to fast? You dont know the laws of thermodynamics? As a child you almost drowned in a lake of research free skepticism? Sincirely, I think with proper instructions ur mum could build this one.

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