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Submission + - Groklaw down, forever.

Albert Schueller writes: The site that took us through SCO v. linux and made sense of so many other complex legal cases in the realm of technology is going away. In a touching farewell, PJ explains that the ubiquitous surveillance by the US gov't revealed in recent months has made it impossible for her to continue. She explains the chilling effect that such surveillance has on the people that actually create journalistic content. This is a real tragedy. I will miss Groklaw.

Comment Over the road driver (Big Rigs) (Score 1) 728

And this is why I am slowly deciding to give up anything tech related and pursuing becoming a RN. I have a few close friends who drive big rigs on local dedicated and OTR that make a lot of money each year and schedule their own home time. I'm just to damn old to play office politics or have someone tell me I need to have a Bachelors for a fucking $10hr job. Fuck.That.Shit.

Submission + - Apple "invents" wireless charging. Get ready for another patent war! (theregister.co.uk)

GabriellaKat writes: Via The Register
Apple is trying to patent wireless charging, claiming its magnetic resonance tech is new and that it can do it better than anyone else. This would be cool if its assertions were true.

Apple's application, numbered 20120303980, makes much of its ability to charge a device over the air at a distance of up to a metre, rather than requiring close proximity. The Alliance For Wireless Power, which also touts long-range juicing, will no doubt be comparing Apple's designs to its own blueprints.

Comment Re:Record Videos (Score -1) 201

"It's taken more than 6,000 guns off the streets in the last eight years, and this year we are on pace to have the lowest number of murders in recorded history"

And this is a "BAD THING" how? How many of those lives saved were from stray bullets in a drive-by?

"I could give a fly f*ck about their effectiveness, they're breaking the law to up hold the law?! String them up and hang the bodies in public as an example. What someone in power knowingly and actively ignores the constitution, they need the wrath of God to fall down on them to remind people not to do that."

Yes, because extreme violence solves everything. Just like it is solving things in our hyper-partisan political system. Just like its solving things in civil rights matters. Extr

"Above ALL crimes, someone abusing their power and ignoring someone else's rights is the worst."

Ignoring their rights would be rounding them up and detaining them.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Yes it is, and obviously with 6,000 less bodies. And yes, I do "Think of The Children", and hope many of those were saved. (And I know someone will go with the "Its a slippery slope, yada-yada" argument. Good debate point, but, go look into a dead kids coffin or innocent victim and tell them that to their face, and their friends and parents, and I might engage you in the debate)

Comment Re:If they don't like it (Score 3, Insightful) 687

I'd like to hear comments from these women when they are in their 40s and fat (or just old). "Nobody looks at me anymore. I used to be cute and guys would give me all kinds of attention. Now they don't even look. :-( " Young women (and men) don't appreciate the beauty they have until after it's gone.

I know women in their 40s that exercise regular, lift weights, and look better then they did in their 20-30s. They have hardly any wrinkles (avoided the sun), they had children, and yes they have a career. Some even in the fitness industry. They turn more heads then women half their age, and are proud doing so. Beauty is something you can maintain and improve upon.

Submission + - An Illinois beekeeper links CCD to Monsanto and has hives stolen by IDoA (naturalnews.com)

GabriellaKat writes: (NaturalNews) An Illinois beekeeper with more than a decade's worth of expertise about how to successfully raise organic, chemical-free bees is the latest victim of flagrant government tyranny. According to the Prairie Advocate, Terrence "Terry" Ingram of Apple River, Ill., owner of Apple Creek Apiaries, recently had his bees and beehives stolen from him by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDofA), as well as more than 15 years' worth of research proving Monsanto's Roundup to be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed.

Comment Re:Blame Game (Score 1) 382

Don't blame the website for not wanting to put up with your baggage. Blame the stalker. Take legal matters in your own hands and go after him/her.

Its not HER FAULT. Anyone can stalk a person online or real life for whatever fucking twisted reason is going on in their head. Hell, you can even do it here and mod people down, etc. And taking matters to the law doesnt solve anything. They can just do it AC online. This is a site programming issue and should have been addressed as such. By their words and lack of fucking action all they are doing is "Slut Shaming" her and it has rightly backfired.

Submission + - Stan "The Man" Lee launches his own comic convention! (cnn.com)

GabriellaKat writes: Wherever superhero creator Stan Lee goes, a crowd of comic book fans seems to gather, but now Lee's making it official with his own comic convention.

"Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo Presented by POW! Entertainment" launches in Los Angeles in September and is expected to spread with shows around the world, according to Lee and his "partner in crime" Regina Carpinelli.

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