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Comment It uses Python! (Score 1) 90

Oh wait...
qasm = "IBMQASM 2.0;\n\ninclude \"\";\nqreg q[5];\ncreg c[5];\nu2(-4*pi/3,2*pi) q[0];\nu2(-3*pi/2,2*pi) q[0];\nu3(-pi,0,-pi) q[0];\nu3(-pi,0,-pi/2) q[0];\nu2(pi,-pi/2) q[0];\nu3(-pi,0,-pi/2) q[0];\nmeasure q -> c;\n" device = 'simulator' hots = 1 experiment = api.runExperiment(qasm, device, shots)

Comment I miss CRTs (Score 1) 399

Only for old console gaming. I am a bit sad that I never bought one of those 120Hz slim CRTs at the end of their life. There is a huge and heave Sony still at home, but cannot watch its flickering.

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