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Comment Source of the data? (Score 5, Insightful) 356

I was curious where the data for this report was being sourced, and we can see it's from Under their methodology section we see "This report is based on proprietary data gathered and analyzed by Hired’s research and strategy data scientist, Dr. Jessica Kirkpatrick. The analysis in this study was done using a combination of voluntary, self-reported demographic data and a classifier that identified the gender of the candidate based on their first name."

Searching for Jessica Kirkpatrick in Google returns a few articles about her where the highlight is.... that she is in fact a woman. Her own public social media is nothing but a torrent of women's rights and equal pay stories and articles. So we have a clearly opinionated data scientist working with a set of "proprietary data" gathered by a private recruiting organization which focuses on diversity. Was there some other conclusion that anybody expected other then "MUH WAGE GAP IS REAL?"

Comment Re:It's become derogatory? (Score 1) 416

If twitter removes check-marks because they *know* that some people *think* the check-mark serves as endorsement, then the check-mark as become De facto endorsement. So when a verified individual tweets about wanting white genocide for Christmas I can at the very least reasonably assume that whomever is in charge of removing check-marks does not believe that this persons actions warrant a removal of a check-mark. Twitter *knows* that certain people *believe* the check-mark is endorsement. That's why they remove them because they don't want people to *think* they're being endorsed. But twitter only seems to ever remove check-marks when it's a far right account. Usually not (if not ever) a far left account despite both of them tweeting racist comments and garnering a fair amount of negative press. So I am going to conclude that twitter is just fine with comments about white genocide.

Comment Re:It's become derogatory? (Score 5, Insightful) 416

Because whether the check-mark is meant to be seen as an endorsement, people do anyway.

So now I can reasonably assume that anybody with a check-mark is seen as a good boy by twitter? So I can also assume the guy that tweets about white genocide and vomiting when he sees a uniformed service member being treated well is considered a good boy by twitter because he *still* has a check-mark?

Comment Re:It's become derogatory? (Score 5, Interesting) 416

The check-mark is there to say "Yep, this person is this person" and that's supposed to be it. However, we've seen twitter remove people's check-marks as some form of punishment in the past. That person's account has not been taken over, the legitimacy of the person is not being questioned, just the behavior. So why remove the check-mark?

Comment PC Engines gets it all done for around $200 (Score 1) 247

I've been using this PC Engines board for over a year now and it's been the best router I've ever owned. Has 3 Gigabit Interfaces, SD Card, USB, RS232, M.SATA, Mini PCIe, SATA, and GPIO. Packs a 1Ghz Dual Core and 4 or 2 GB of RAM. It's case is also designed to mount antennas for the WiFi card so it looks sleek while doing it.

Comment Re:Law Enforcement Doesn't want the Technology (Score 1) 555

Even a Hi-Point or a Jimenez will manage to empty it's magazine without a misfire 99% of the time, and they're the cheapest 'gangsta' guns you can possibly buy. The idea this this $1k+ firearm only has mechanical issues is a joke. Also here's the full review linked at the bottom, in case anybody missed it. http://www.americas1stfreedom....

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