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Comment Re:Never... (Score 1) 606

Extending this line of thinking to conventional aircraft suggest to me that we'll be completely grounded before too many more years pass. Who's going to be willing to pay $10,000 one way to travel across the country in 20 years? New energy sources will undoubtedly be developed, but I can't see this happening AND is being adapted to to aircraft in 20-30 years. I read an article a while back that believed that by 2030 there would only be able 30 airports still active in the States, down from about 300 today.

Comment Damn, now I'm two versions behind! (Score 1) 155

I'm still using Slack 12.2 on my work laptop. The trouble is that VMware Workstation has to work, and new kernel versions inevitably cause problems for VMware until they catch up. Pain in the ass, really.

At home, I migrated over to BSD years ago, which was easy to do after learning all of Linux's internals running Slackware.

Keep up the great work Patrick!

Comment Re:Best Road Safety Feature... (Score 0) 601

This idea was actually discussed in this recent book called "Traffic" (

It also talks about the article's premise that safer roads and cars cause complacency, which leads to accidents. A very interesting book if you're into this kind of thing.

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