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Comment Darl McBride (Score 2) 172

History should record that the whole SCO fiasco was the brain child of this scam artist: It was a patent submarine attack and one of history's ugliest. The guy is now the CEO of some company he made up in his garage. Check out this garbageL What a joke. He got what he deserved.

Comment Smurftastic! (Score 4, Informative) 144

The NSA has all the actual slides from the internal presentation:

From what I gather, TRACKER SMURF module of the WARRIOR PRIDE rootkit for both IOS and Android sort of grabs pin positions of places you search for in Google Maps as well as where you actually ARE. What's interesting is the seeming fascination with sexual orientation and clubs. I guess if there is dirt to be had on an operative or a politician, it might be if they are secretly a wild and crazy guy, or perhaps visiting a mistress in South America instead of being lost on the Appalachian trail.

I know it's fashionable to be angry and all that, but the more of these slides they release, the more you understand how good these guys are at spycraft. It's a solid rootkit base with modules for various device driver interaction, it's pulling back info to be sorted in databases specifically at dossier building on targets, etc etc. It's a well organized program of information gathering, actually.

Comment Re:idiots already have been arrested (Score 3, Interesting) 196

I also believe that there are databases that trace bill serial numbers to the ATMs that distributed them. The banks probably had a database of every bill issued to the criminals. Once they surfaced anywhere, they were going to be tracked. Also, nobody in underworld finance would dare launder that heist. Those were toxic bills and probably why they got caught quickly.

Comment Look at Pwn20wn at CanSec West (Score 1) 260

Pwn20wn is probably the high bar for programming contests. Charlie Miller can walk in there and drop a 0-day for Chrome on the judges and walk out with a check for $100k. Is this not the market at work? Is browser sandbox security now such an integral part of the internet security landscape that it warrants the need to pay, and pay fruitfully for the knowledge of how these exploits work? A young guy, maybe 18, nobody heard of, with no real internet 'cred' from Eastern Europe, who had no real degree or CS education, walked in with an IE9 exploit that defeated DEP once it broke out. It also worked around address randomization.

Unless that guy shows up and earns his rep that way, what's he going to do? Just start a blog and put the exploit code on it?

I would argue that these programming contests are pure market forces, about as pure an application of the free market as one will see on the world stage.

Comment Sung to the tune of Mirror in the Bathroom... (Score 1) 442

Water in containment
please don't heat
The door is locked
just you and me.
Can I take you to a temperature
that melts glass sweet
You can watch yourself
while you are eating me.
Water in containment
I just can't stop it,
Every Saturday you see me
furiously mopping.
Find no interest in the
pipes and welds
Just a thousand isotopes
in my own sweet self...
Water in containment
You're the water in containment
You're my water in containment
You're my water in containment...
Water in containment

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